Sunday, February 6, 2011

More words...

The sun is rising once again
to cover all of life...
it makes no distinction- it's light
cuts just like a knife!
It shines upon the righteous,
on the fair and on the just,
and even on the ones that would
defy His holy trust!

In the same are we to walk
amongst the insecure.
The insults and the arguments
are we to endure?
I am the righteousness of God,
location matters not;
"Go forth and share this Gospel-' it's
my calling and my lot.

I have to tell you of my Jesus,
but how you react
is absolutely up to you-
this is settled fact!
What you then do with the life
that you may see or hear
is between you and the Lord...
but brother, persevere
to make the most of every seed
falling on your heart
get to the point where you cry out

I have to tell you lest the sun
should set and you know not
the love of Jesus Christ and, oh,
the blessings He has got!
Gifts that are awaiting for you
only to receive;
yea, the wonders set aside
for them that do believe!

Are you one of the ones with gifts waiting for you? If so, I HAVE TO tell You about Jesus!
One of the greatest gifts is the abundant grace availed for you once you are saved.
Time is running out...

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