Saturday, February 5, 2011


"Set my heart aright, oh Lord,
I need to be like You;
fill me with Your Holy Spirit,
show me what to do;
set a watch upon my lips
that I know what to say-
but cause me to obey the heart
You put in my, I pray.

Already is established right,
settled is the tone.
Right and wrong, black and white,
it is clearly known!
Already is the Holy Spirit
in me to convince,
it is I that must obey,
not at all to wince!

Against You only do I sin,
You see and hear it all.
But interfere with me, oh God,
lest deeper I should fall.

In JESUS' Name,

I am willing to have God interrupt me when I go astray, when I am tempted.
I can ask God to forgive my sins all day long, and He will. But until I desire not to do those things, they may continue.
"Change my heart, oh God."

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