Saturday, February 5, 2011

Harder questions

How many are the birthdays
that haven't even been?
Where are the emotions
of women and of men...
The pain of it continues,
and yet the deed goes on:
the sin of termination
before the breath of dawn!

It is afar from politics,
it is not even "choice!"
It is murder, cold and clear
to rob a life of voice!
Is it legal? Is it right?
Is it our decision?
Oh, the days, the days that are!
"Behold, what great derision!"

How many are the rulers,
kings and presidents...
that have never been
because we have embraced "convenience,"
tolerating sin?

How many are the birthdays?
God alone to know.
"Forgive me of MY sin, oh God;
Your Living Word to show."

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