Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Now

The brilliance of His Majesty
mine eyes cannot behold!
I must shield them from the splendor
of His glory told!
Mortal vision's mirrored only
"darkly, through a glass..."
but very soon, all hindrances,
assuredly will pass!

Yes, I will see Him as He is
soon and very soon
in that land where never comes
the morning, night or noon!
Yea, in that Place where time will be
eliminated so,
hallelujah, this decaying
temple will not go!

In that body glorified,
exalting Christ the King!
Perfected vision fixed on Him
while praises ever ring!
While "Holy! Holy!" resonates
from those around the Throne,
we, too, will harmonize unto
the Triune God alone!

LOOK AT HIM! See His glory!
It's right there, just beyond that point where you are about to give up!
Right there, just beyond that point where You think You cannot take anymore!
Right there, just beyond ____________________!
Keep pressing on, my friend!
Jesus Christ is worth whatever we must endure...for now!

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