Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"For the birds...?"

During the snowflakes, the little birds flit in and out of the feeders.
Fascinating. Entertaining. Inspirational.
Instead of merely falling, the flakes appear to be 'flying!'
The sun is shining...the sky is blue...yet a single group of clouds has the audacity to spit continuously...little flakes...flying at leisure.
God is so good.
I always marveled at the Scripture that declared His care for the little birds...I never dreamt I would be one of His tools for such a task.
Task? No way. OPPORTUNITY!

I listen to the little birds
and try to catch the subtle words
my Father would be speaking unto me.
He feeds them daily from His hands
in front of me and o'er the lands
and does it in a way no one can see.
He gives them trees to make their home,
open skies in which to roam
and teaches them to fly from here to there.
They're so dependent unto Him,
as He does oh so much for them,
and yet, not many people seem to care.

So similar it is for man.
All he needs to run the land
flows freely from the Lord upon request.
Everyone receives the same,
all who call upon His Name.
To All who'll call He'll give the very best.
There is a difference, though, with man.
He came up with another plan
with no dependence on the Lord at all.
"I will do it my own way!"
Unto the Lord that man did say;
and, steadily, that man began to fall.

Those are two ways of the day,
so close, and yet so far away,
two ways of life with you I had to share.
One is "For the birds!" they say;
the other one is called "My Way!"
And still not many people seem to care.

Do you care?

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