Wednesday, February 23, 2011


So much more than a feeling, oh,
to me, so very real!
I know that He is with me, even
when I cannot feel!
Far greater evermore, than feeling
is that faith within;
(though it FEELS so very good
to be born again!)

Yea, the feelings blessed are,
but at times false are they.
They can deceive me, lie, and lead
me down another way.
But far beyond what I would think,
unto that which I know,
oh, there am I so planted firm
to, steadily onward, go!

"Thank You for my feelings, Lord,
they help make who I am.
And we see them so clearly in
Your sacrificial Lamb.
But blessed be the faith in me,
far greater is its sight;
with it, I'll make it to that Place
where never comes the night!

Faith is more. More than anything you can 'feel!'
Faith is far greater, and we must have it in order to progress.
You feelin' me?

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