Sunday, February 20, 2011


Been there? Heard that? Said that?

"On the way to revelation,
You're already there!
You know already what I'll find
today and everywhere.
Why not just go with me, Lord,
join in what I do?
Rather, I will shun my own will,
let me go with You!
I'm sure that You have better things
than I could ever plan.
And greater, Lord, be Your effect
upon my brother man.
I know that You have much for me
to do to reach my brother;
use me for Your agenda, Lord,
help me to shun all other!
Oh, for to deny myself
for that which matters most!
Oh, for to accomplish much
for which I cannot boast!
Oh, to lose myself in You,
Your workings and Your ways!
Oh Lord, You are so worthy of
all of me all my days!"

Used of God. Am I truly willing to offer myself so freely, with abandon?
Such is His desire. Such is His requirement.
"Have I arrived there?"
I must ask myself that before I ask if you have.

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