Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In adoration of The Son
in Whom eternal life is won,
I bow, revering majesty
that, in Him, I clearly see!
And worthy is the Holy One
Who, the victory, has won,
of any homage I bestow...
Yea, so worthy, this I know!

Praises only from this one?
But no! Indeed, in unison,
creation, in entirety,
corresponds with even me!

Astounded once again before
the Holy One Whom I adore.
Each and every sense of mine
is moved as I see THE Divine!
And now, must I hush word and thought
to so partake of what is wrought
by being in the Presence of
the Son of God Whose Name is LOVE!

Have you been here? You can! But it takes your time to get here!
It is so worth it, my brother! Don't let anything hinder you!

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