Sunday, February 20, 2011


Heavenly Father,
You already know what the doctors are going to tell us today.
Two weeks from now, You know what that specialist is going to tell us and what path he will suggest.
Thank You for seeing that.
Thank You for seeing me as I am AND as I am not.
You already know what our reaction will be in that office in two weeks.
Keep us, oh Lord.
Stable us in Your stability.
You already know me, and You know what I will tell people three years from now as I am explaining the miracle You did by way of that treatment that will happen next month.
Father, I can't see that. I can only see the 'now.' You see things in the 'constant.' I can only see in the 'present.'
Lord, I am trying to understand.
Why do I have to understand instead of just accepting it?
Please deliver me from my demand to know so that I will be free to receive what You have.

In JESUS' Name,

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