Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Another busy hospital...
a long way from home...
the one I love is going through more tests...
a perfect time to cry out

"I do not understand again!
Why is such passion real?!
There is so much happening
I don't know HOW to feel!
So much of it is foreign,
so much seems "out of joint!"
So much of it is painful, God,
oh what can be the point?!

I have no understanding.
Oh God, I am undone.
Yet am I secure in Jesus Christ,
Your very Son!
He is my security,
assurance and my lot;
and He is right beside me in
this compromising spot.
Thus I will not falter;
and feelings, they will change.
I am secure in knowing these
appointments You arrange.
And Jesus, I believe You!
Escort me through the moments that cause
momentary grief!

In YOUR Name,

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