Wednesday, February 23, 2011


In adoration of The Son
in Whom eternal life is won,
I bow, revering majesty
that, in Him, I clearly see!
And worthy is the Holy One
Who, the victory, has won,
of any homage I bestow...
Yea, so worthy, this I know!

Praises only from this one?
But no! Indeed, in unison,
creation, in entirety,
corresponds with even me!

Astounded once again before
the Holy One Whom I adore.
Each and every sense of mine
is moved as I see THE Divine!
And now, must I hush word and thought
to so partake of what is wrought
by being in the Presence of
the Son of God Whose Name is LOVE!

Have you been here? You can! But it takes your time to get here!
It is so worth it, my brother! Don't let anything hinder you!

For Now

The brilliance of His Majesty
mine eyes cannot behold!
I must shield them from the splendor
of His glory told!
Mortal vision's mirrored only
"darkly, through a glass..."
but very soon, all hindrances,
assuredly will pass!

Yes, I will see Him as He is
soon and very soon
in that land where never comes
the morning, night or noon!
Yea, in that Place where time will be
eliminated so,
hallelujah, this decaying
temple will not go!

In that body glorified,
exalting Christ the King!
Perfected vision fixed on Him
while praises ever ring!
While "Holy! Holy!" resonates
from those around the Throne,
we, too, will harmonize unto
the Triune God alone!

LOOK AT HIM! See His glory!
It's right there, just beyond that point where you are about to give up!
Right there, just beyond that point where You think You cannot take anymore!
Right there, just beyond ____________________!
Keep pressing on, my friend!
Jesus Christ is worth whatever we must endure...for now!


So much more than a feeling, oh,
to me, so very real!
I know that He is with me, even
when I cannot feel!
Far greater evermore, than feeling
is that faith within;
(though it FEELS so very good
to be born again!)

Yea, the feelings blessed are,
but at times false are they.
They can deceive me, lie, and lead
me down another way.
But far beyond what I would think,
unto that which I know,
oh, there am I so planted firm
to, steadily onward, go!

"Thank You for my feelings, Lord,
they help make who I am.
And we see them so clearly in
Your sacrificial Lamb.
But blessed be the faith in me,
far greater is its sight;
with it, I'll make it to that Place
where never comes the night!

Faith is more. More than anything you can 'feel!'
Faith is far greater, and we must have it in order to progress.
You feelin' me?

Tuesday, February 22, 2011


Wednesday develops
one shade at a time...
each nuance of the spectrum
creating sight sublime!
Even in the city
dawn embezzles land;
fingers of the light embrace
a waking, breathing land.

Living starting living,
the coming of the light;
there be a song from the wing
as they take great delight!
Be there a song from man, as well,
God alone as reason!
Creator God creating him...
to everything a season.

Start living! That's why God created you!
What more proof do you need than the very dawn of day...ANY day!

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Sermon notes...

Too often, I sit in the pew and take notes. However, the notes I write down so often seem to rhyme! Hmmm...

So beautiful, the mess we are,
when seen through other eyes!
There is such grace inside of us--
how many realize?
You are seen as 'beautiful,'
I am seen as 'love;'
We are seen as 'perfect' through
the eyes of God above!

So beautiful, the God He is,
when seen through open eyes!
The good that is inside of us
His Spirit glorifies!
He is the good inside of me
if there be good at all!
"Oh Beautiful, oh Wonderful..."
I answer to His call!

"O beautiful, the life You are,
reveal to us, we pray!
You are the Life we are; You are
the Truth, the Life, the Way!"

So are today's notes. Do they pertain to you? Do they speak to a need in Your life?


I am not alone
I am not my own
Firmly I belong
in me is a song!
My heart--it sings just knowing
that I am surely going
to a Perfect Place
governed by His grace!

And Grace is my best friend
With Him I will ascend
I'll never be alone
because God calls me His own!

Am I somebody else?
No. I am Somebody Else's!
And you can be, too!
Jesus Christ invites you to be part of the family of God.
No matter who you are, no matter whose you are, God wants you to be His!
Did you hear that? God wants you!
Go for it!


Been there? Heard that? Said that?

"On the way to revelation,
You're already there!
You know already what I'll find
today and everywhere.
Why not just go with me, Lord,
join in what I do?
Rather, I will shun my own will,
let me go with You!
I'm sure that You have better things
than I could ever plan.
And greater, Lord, be Your effect
upon my brother man.
I know that You have much for me
to do to reach my brother;
use me for Your agenda, Lord,
help me to shun all other!
Oh, for to deny myself
for that which matters most!
Oh, for to accomplish much
for which I cannot boast!
Oh, to lose myself in You,
Your workings and Your ways!
Oh Lord, You are so worthy of
all of me all my days!"

Used of God. Am I truly willing to offer myself so freely, with abandon?
Such is His desire. Such is His requirement.
"Have I arrived there?"
I must ask myself that before I ask if you have.


Heavenly Father,
You already know what the doctors are going to tell us today.
Two weeks from now, You know what that specialist is going to tell us and what path he will suggest.
Thank You for seeing that.
Thank You for seeing me as I am AND as I am not.
You already know what our reaction will be in that office in two weeks.
Keep us, oh Lord.
Stable us in Your stability.
You already know me, and You know what I will tell people three years from now as I am explaining the miracle You did by way of that treatment that will happen next month.
Father, I can't see that. I can only see the 'now.' You see things in the 'constant.' I can only see in the 'present.'
Lord, I am trying to understand.
Why do I have to understand instead of just accepting it?
Please deliver me from my demand to know so that I will be free to receive what You have.

In JESUS' Name,

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Once again

The words to flow once again...
God to be glorified once again...

"Once again, say what You will.
The pen can never have its fill
of that which flows out of Your heart;
oh Lord, my God, HOW GREAT THOU ART!"

Once again, write what You would:
verses that would do much good...
words that will accomplish living...
even 'poetry' so giving!

Once again, Your scribe would yield,
awaiting manna yet concealed;
wisdom on which one might feed...
nutrition that might meet a need.

Once again and always, God,
my pen and paper would applaud
the Giver and the Gift You are--
my service, Lord, is never far!"

Join me in serving Jesus, won't you?
He is worthy!

Wednesday, February 16, 2011


Another busy hospital...
a long way from home...
the one I love is going through more tests...
a perfect time to cry out

"I do not understand again!
Why is such passion real?!
There is so much happening
I don't know HOW to feel!
So much of it is foreign,
so much seems "out of joint!"
So much of it is painful, God,
oh what can be the point?!

I have no understanding.
Oh God, I am undone.
Yet am I secure in Jesus Christ,
Your very Son!
He is my security,
assurance and my lot;
and He is right beside me in
this compromising spot.
Thus I will not falter;
and feelings, they will change.
I am secure in knowing these
appointments You arrange.
And Jesus, I believe You!
Escort me through the moments that cause
momentary grief!

In YOUR Name,

Sunday, February 13, 2011

That is Love!

In greater ways than I can know You love me-
ways that I can never understand!
You reached out to capture and contain me
with an endless arm and injured hand.
You chose to do this of Your own volition,
knowing what a wretched mess I am;
You even died a violent death to love me-
becoming for all men the only Lamb!

Your love for loses me in wonder!
The order You establish is beyond!
I give You everything that I am able,
You establish me 'cause You're so fond!
I am Yours according to Your will.
I am not my own, oh mighty God!
Your love and Your affection are my staple;
my heart and soul and spirit to applaud!!

I am not my own. God purchased me with His Son Jesus. That is love.
As we focus today on "love," let's not forget the intensity of the love that God has for every one of us!

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Time is short

Turn on any television. History in the making.
As the major networks at the moment are showing Egypt, the Scriptures cry out

Already is the mechanism moving...
already are the movers in their place...
The players that are key have their position...
it is not over only due His grace!
There are happenings man cannot fathom!
Too great for even any writer's pen!
The end already be in sight and stablished:
the warnings now for centuries have been!

The heart alone the only thing to matter,
all that is remaining counts as dross.
And One Man alone is all that matters-
the very One Who died upon the Cross!
"Cursed be That Man!" the world considers...
oh, but "Blessed be That Man!" cries Heaven's Host!
Jesus Christ--the One born of the Father,
no other Name in history may boast!

Already are the workings done and settled.
Jesus Christ is coming, coming soon!
There is no time for that which has no matter.
Settle your accounts before the noon!

Time is short. What will you do with the time?


Love. It must be more than a 'holiday.'
It must be more than a card.
It must be more than a box of chocolates!
Love is a way of life. Love is wonderful...most of the time.
Other times, it hurts! It's painful. It's irritating...but it never fails.
So fortunate are the ones that find a love that lasts beyond the pain...beyond the irritation.
For such love strengthens itself in said trials, and becomes even more wonderful!
So fortunate they, who are able to look back with testimonies of overcoming.
God is at the source of such love.
Is He at the source of yours?


Just how much of 'life' does it take for one to consider it?

Inconvenience is to what degree?
Elements bring quite a bit to see!
Surely the effects, they do remain;
but just how much can I consider "pain?"

I can SEE the beauty of it all...
I can HEAR the chorus of the call...
I can FEEL it to the nth degree!
How "inconvenient" then to such as we?

Forgive my whining, therefore, over such.
In every element the Father's touch.
Enjoy it all--so temporary life.
So very much UNWORTHY of a strife!

Inconvenience. The weather will ALWAYS be consider that to someone!
The weather is, like so many other things in life, something we often have to look at to find the blessing.
Do you have time to look?

Tuesday, February 8, 2011

The Real Thing

In the Presence of the Lord.
Time that ALL men MUST afford.
Once again I see His hands--
all my desires, my demands,
they are forgotten at this sight:
Jesus Christ. My heart's delight!
I don't have time for empty word,
my 'shopping list' is then absurd!
I swear that He already knows-
in His very eyes it shows.

In conversation with the Lord.
Of greatest worth be our accord!
Words are plenty, words are free,
but where are they when we are We?!
He touches me, embracing real;
it's more than sight, it's more than feel!
He hears the things I cannot say
and answers, precise in His way!
Our intercourse has greatest worth,
Oh God! Thank God for second-birth!!

The Presence of the Lord, so real.
It cannot hide! I can't conceal
our holiest of love affair!
Oh how can I, such passion, share!

How can I share?
What are mere words compared to the passion of my Father & I?!
How can letters, words, verses, characters...convey the truth of it?
It cannot be recorded. It must be experienced! And He is so real that you CAN touch Him!
I challenge you to get THAT close to Jesus Christ, my God!!

Sunday, February 6, 2011


So distant from routine...
but not away from care!
No matter the location,
He remains aware.
Yes, in a place once more
where no one's keeping score;
"routine" means not a thing!

Oh, how precious is that place where everyone is no one and Jesus Christ is all and everything! It is a very rare location. Very real. Very reachable.
How many of us are willing to go there?
How many are willing to become nothing to be with Everything?


"I am so blessed!"
Can you declare that?
Why has God chosen to give us so much and make us so wealthy?
I don't know, but He gives and He gives and He gives...

Jesus is the source of all
that I am grateful for.
Every time I tell Him that
He blesses more and more!
He is the Owner of it all,
He chooses where it goes;
in His mercy He makes sure
His very lowest knows!

Are you aware of what these words are talking about?
It all depends on what one considers "wealth."
Call out to God for His blessings? No! Call out to God for His grace, mercy and His righteousness!
"All else shall be added unto you."

Food for thought...

Instead of comparing where you are with where you may have been, spend the energy enjoying it. Savor the people that you are with and appreciate their qualities, instead of wasting time comparing them to others.
Enjoy where you are and get involved, and God will see to it that you go somewhere else if it is His will!
Learn that where you are is an appointment. You are there to either give or receive. You are not necessarily there to critique and compare.
God knows your heart. He knows where you are. He has not forgotten you, and He slumbers not!

More words...

The sun is rising once again
to cover all of life...
it makes no distinction- it's light
cuts just like a knife!
It shines upon the righteous,
on the fair and on the just,
and even on the ones that would
defy His holy trust!

In the same are we to walk
amongst the insecure.
The insults and the arguments
are we to endure?
I am the righteousness of God,
location matters not;
"Go forth and share this Gospel-' it's
my calling and my lot.

I have to tell you of my Jesus,
but how you react
is absolutely up to you-
this is settled fact!
What you then do with the life
that you may see or hear
is between you and the Lord...
but brother, persevere
to make the most of every seed
falling on your heart
get to the point where you cry out

I have to tell you lest the sun
should set and you know not
the love of Jesus Christ and, oh,
the blessings He has got!
Gifts that are awaiting for you
only to receive;
yea, the wonders set aside
for them that do believe!

Are you one of the ones with gifts waiting for you? If so, I HAVE TO tell You about Jesus!
One of the greatest gifts is the abundant grace availed for you once you are saved.
Time is running out...

Saturday, February 5, 2011


"Set my heart aright, oh Lord,
I need to be like You;
fill me with Your Holy Spirit,
show me what to do;
set a watch upon my lips
that I know what to say-
but cause me to obey the heart
You put in my, I pray.

Already is established right,
settled is the tone.
Right and wrong, black and white,
it is clearly known!
Already is the Holy Spirit
in me to convince,
it is I that must obey,
not at all to wince!

Against You only do I sin,
You see and hear it all.
But interfere with me, oh God,
lest deeper I should fall.

In JESUS' Name,

I am willing to have God interrupt me when I go astray, when I am tempted.
I can ask God to forgive my sins all day long, and He will. But until I desire not to do those things, they may continue.
"Change my heart, oh God."

Harder questions

How many are the birthdays
that haven't even been?
Where are the emotions
of women and of men...
The pain of it continues,
and yet the deed goes on:
the sin of termination
before the breath of dawn!

It is afar from politics,
it is not even "choice!"
It is murder, cold and clear
to rob a life of voice!
Is it legal? Is it right?
Is it our decision?
Oh, the days, the days that are!
"Behold, what great derision!"

How many are the rulers,
kings and presidents...
that have never been
because we have embraced "convenience,"
tolerating sin?

How many are the birthdays?
God alone to know.
"Forgive me of MY sin, oh God;
Your Living Word to show."

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

"For the birds...?"

During the snowflakes, the little birds flit in and out of the feeders.
Fascinating. Entertaining. Inspirational.
Instead of merely falling, the flakes appear to be 'flying!'
The sun is shining...the sky is blue...yet a single group of clouds has the audacity to spit continuously...little flakes...flying at leisure.
God is so good.
I always marveled at the Scripture that declared His care for the little birds...I never dreamt I would be one of His tools for such a task.
Task? No way. OPPORTUNITY!

I listen to the little birds
and try to catch the subtle words
my Father would be speaking unto me.
He feeds them daily from His hands
in front of me and o'er the lands
and does it in a way no one can see.
He gives them trees to make their home,
open skies in which to roam
and teaches them to fly from here to there.
They're so dependent unto Him,
as He does oh so much for them,
and yet, not many people seem to care.

So similar it is for man.
All he needs to run the land
flows freely from the Lord upon request.
Everyone receives the same,
all who call upon His Name.
To All who'll call He'll give the very best.
There is a difference, though, with man.
He came up with another plan
with no dependence on the Lord at all.
"I will do it my own way!"
Unto the Lord that man did say;
and, steadily, that man began to fall.

Those are two ways of the day,
so close, and yet so far away,
two ways of life with you I had to share.
One is "For the birds!" they say;
the other one is called "My Way!"
And still not many people seem to care.

Do you care?