Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where did You go?

Have you ever felt that way with God?
Your prayers seem like they make it no further than the place you say them?
You do all things seems you do everything even help those in need...but you just can't 'sense' God there.
But when was the last time you left ALL behind and sought the Presence of God alone?
We can get so busy with 'things.' Even busy doing 'good things.' These is so much we can get involved in that falls into the category of 'ministry.' However, if I don't set aside time with only God, that 'intimacy,' I will very quickly fall into lack.
I promise you, if it ever gets to the point when you look at God and say "Where did You go?" it is not God that went anywhere!
Too, if you ever have to look up and say "Father, where are You?" you are asking that question from the palm of His hand! I promise!
As I wrote this to someone special, I proofed it and found that there are perhaps more people out there that might be touched by it.
How about you?

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