Friday, January 7, 2011

This morning's stroll

I took a stroll this morning
along a living way
escorted so on either side
by many blest bouquet.
Oh, did I delight as I
passed through the feeble gate,
no idea had this man
of life that did await...
I recalled forget-me-nots
in uniform at right...
the pansies on the other side
ablush in sheer delight...
daises donned in garment likened
to the cherub's wing,
the center shone so bright, the
marigolds began to sing!
And all along the living path,
(with armaments so drawn,)
the brilliant roses, fragrantly
stood guard against the dawn!

The stroll I took this morning
along the living way-
it is a blest refreshment, oh,
but all throughout my day!
It minds me of the beauty and
the sweetness of my God,
and of the beauty He can make
within mine inner sod.

How was your walk this morning?
Did you even go?
It doesn't have to be far! Just down the driveway, perhaps.
Whatever you do, don't forget to notice God's creation and talk to Him about it!

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