Wednesday, January 19, 2011

There is...

There is a place that is beyond 'season...'
There is a Person that is above emotion...
There is a time that is not restricted to 'time...'
Father God!
There is a time when I will be with Jesus in that place called Heaven!
Will you be there with us?

O come, oh come ye moment that
already is in place!
Heaven is eternal and
is governed by His grace!
Time no longer is a factor
where is life ideal,
and Jesus Christ in all His glory
is so very real!!

Yes, come, o come ye moment that
shall never come to end!
The faithful, we await that moment
when we shall ascend!
Long we to leave all of this
behind for what's ahead!
Long we to dwell in that realm
with Jesus as The Head!

Oh, that moment...we are yet
constrained by one last bind!
Again, the scourge of time itself,
to each of us, assigned!
O, but in that life beyond
no power shall it know,
as through the ages, with our Savior,
those of us shall go!

Are you amongst us?
Are you looking forward to that time that knows no time?
Cry out to Jesus and give Him your heart while there is yet time!

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