Friday, January 7, 2011


But why must I be stopped?!
Have I not walked with Jesus Christ so long that temptations no longer seduce me?
Have you?

...but once again to snare the man I am,
caught up in serving 'self,' the world's way.
Slowly taking light that which He told me
back when I would humble me and pray.
Of a truth, seduction-it be rampant,
the world plays the harlot to a lie.
It's pleasure-it be only for a season,
" merry, for tomorrow we shall die!"

But I know of a path of self-denial,
and mercy, once again, shall merge my route;
and there, where justice meets grace undeserved,
I see what Calvary is all about!
When called to give account for my actions,
to bow in silence be my lone recourse.
I'm privy to the limits of temptation.
Too, I know my sins are NOT by force!
Accountable in full for what I've done,
unto the Father of my Lord I plead;
and I feel consolation in the mercy
of Him Who, for mine every sin, did bleed!

"Father God, I need Your strength again!"

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