Friday, January 21, 2011

Spoken is The Word!

Spoken is The Word...and settled so!
To no other Source is man to go!
Everything is settled in That Source;
everywhere exists no greater Force!
Everyone can rest inside the same:
The Word--and even Jesus is His Name!

Blessed be The Word come for all man!
Blessed be the Father's awesome Plan!
Blessed be the Life, the Death, the Living--

Spoken be the Word...and settled so!
The only Source man ever needs to know!
He has the very greatest love of all!
For even YOUR life He has got a call!
The greatest of all needs by Him are met.
Your very Name He never shall forget!

The Word of God. His Name is Jesus Christ! Yes, Jesus Christ is the Word come in the flesh, and He comes for YOU!
Please don't turn Him away! He has all the answers that you are looking for.
He IS The Answer!

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