Sunday, January 30, 2011


Within the mountains of my dreams
a hidden vale somewhere...
Quite apparent is the fact
it's crafted with such care!
Unto the same escape is oft
to be with The Creator;
the glory of His Presence-
for there be not any greater!
Verdant vegetation...
rolling valley walls...
unto fascination
the beauty of it calls...
and calls the Great Creator
"for the moment, come ye nigh;
lay aside all issues--see
creation from on high!"
Then to know creation in
another point of view:
contrasted, every object,
sharpened every hue.
But from the same distracted by
the view of my Creator!
The glory of His Presence, oh,
there be not any greater!

Distracted. For a reason.
So often, the cares of this world get so burdensome that to focus on God takes a 'distraction,' He must interfere with my world to get me to let go of it.
He can handle the issues that are a lot better than I can.
I must learn to let Him.

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