Monday, January 31, 2011

Matters Only

Sitting in a hospital waiting room.
The one you love most of all is in surgery...brain surgery!
So much to think much TIME to think!
One starts to wonder

"How much really matters?"
"I'll sell it all someday..."
"I'm saving it for the grandkids,
what are they going to say?!"
It's just a little corner...
it's just a little 'room...'
It's just a little 'hobby...'
excuses to consume!

"How much really matters?
Then change my heart, oh Lord!
Reveal to my heart just how much
my life can afford.
O take away each 'hobby' that
consumes the life I've got;
anything that would not profit,
let my life have not!"

Then not much really matters
in truest retrospect.
The most important issues
receive the most respect!
Then that which shouldn't matter
gets shed along the way,
then things which hinder dissipate
and "matters only" weigh!

"Father God, please deliver me from 'matter' that doesn't matter!"

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