Friday, January 21, 2011


To just how many is it life?
How many even take of it with contemplation?

Once more, the Body and the Blood-
the elements of life.
Jesus paid it all that I
might taste of His own strife!
Only Bread? Only Wine?
Only "elements?"
But living so alive in all
this symbol represents!

Make me part of Jesus as
I take of it once more!
Make Jesus part of me as I
reflect upon each sore!
Make us of each other, Father,
life and death and living.
The Body and the Blood of Jesus-!

"Get it over with, Pastor, so we can get to the restaurant..."
"Hurry up, servers. The game comes on in 30 minutes..."

"Damn you!"

Pause and reflect upon what you are doing!
"He that eats and drinks without regard partakes damnation unto himself!"
(Yes, that's in the Bible.)
Commune with God.
Take of His communion with regard. Heartfelt regard. It will change your life!

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