Sunday, January 9, 2011

In spite of...

Glory to God!
Whatever is happening, whatever is predicted, whatever the forecast is, I will glorify God!
The carpeting has been replaced now after the flood. It is more beautiful than before.
I will glorify God.
The kitchen floor has been replaced. It is more than we could have hoped for! Glory to God!
Due to the 'disaster,' we found a few things 'wrong' that had to be corrected. We would not have found them were it not for the 'accident.'
God almost always answers our prayers in ways that we never imagine. This time, He answered our prayers in ways that we absolutely DREADED!
However, I will glorify Him.
How about you?

You are more than any could imagine...
Your ways, for they are far beyond our own!
You give in ways that man just cannot fathom;
proof of Your existence, it is shown!
With eyes You are so evident, Lord Jesus;
But let us not contain You with one sight!
I will ever look for You in all things;
in Your Presence ever I'll delight!

Glory to God!
Find Him in all that you go through.
He is there waiting for you to recognize Him.

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