Wednesday, January 19, 2011



"We have it all together
successful we have been;
'pillars of the community,'
the envy of all men!
The gifts that we give back are spoken of
with great emotion,
success behind closed doors, however,
no one has a potion!

Long sleeves hide the bruises...
brick walls mute the noise...
tithes and offerings suffice
should one of us lack poise...
accolades of business serve
to camouflage the gain...
all the while, there's murder, rape,
and every kind of pain!

We have it all together!
They look, but no one sees.
Life is so successful, all
assume it's with such ease!
Sometimes, it is so sickening!
We see right through it all!
Sometimes, 'success,'--it is the most
execrable of call!"

You both are in our prayers,
Jim & Debby

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