Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fine tune

God is faithful. Period.
The Holy Spirit is faithful to help keep us in line. He does so by convicting us when we step out of line. He is faithful even to remind us before we get to that point.
If we are following God as we should, we will know the parameters without question.
When I am not following God, the Holy Spirit is still there, but I will ignore it. I must often cry out

O Jesus, tune my heart again,
make sure that I care.
Keep alive that desire
that I have to share.
Keep me sensitive unto
my brother and his need
by causing me to focus on
the Holy Spirit's lead.

Keep my heart alive, yes,
keep that callouses at bay.
Show me what to do, my Lord,
tell me what to say.
He is a life, he is a soul,
he is a spirit, too;
to help him know You are alive,
but show me what to do!

Oh Jesus, tune my heart again,
I give it all to You!
You are Teacher, I am student,
make me more like You!
O make the world itself to know
that we are in each other,
especially when I approach
another as my brother!

Is that a cry that you must make?
God DESIRES to hear that cry!

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