Friday, January 21, 2011


Sunday morning...watering plants before anyone arrives...Someone is already there...He alerts me of His Presence...

In the silence of the sanctuary...
close the eyes and listen to the noise!
The happening that goes on in the Spirit--
the heart and soul and spirit is to poise!
So very far beyond "noise" be the sound-
the sound of actions in another realm!
Workings far beyond mere comprehension,
Father, Son and Spirit at the helm!

In the silence of the sanctuary-
take it in as deeply as you can!
The Power and the Glory of The Presence-
so very favored be mere, mortal man!

Go to the sanctuary!! Do not be deprived of the glory of God!
Sanctuary? Of course it be a building! But only a building! The answer to that must be discovered for yourselves!

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