Monday, January 31, 2011


Each of us have them.
No matter how 'good' we are...
no matter how close we are to God Most High, there will be distractions.
The question is will we let them sway us apart?

Away from all distraction...
but in the midst of such?
The Presence of Lord Jesus,
He reaches out to touch.
His fingers bid me welcome,
His hands remove all stress,
His embrace prepares me for
the ways that He will bless.
And then the lone distraction:
the Spectacle of God!
In the Presence of Jehovah
I am fully awed!!
The glory and the majesty,
the power and the peace...
every fabric of my being
freely to release!

And then every distraction
to surely disappear
as I obtain that place for which
I surely persevere:
His Presence, oh so glorious!
His holiness! His grace!
Behold His Highness, Jesus Christ!
O look into His face!!

Go there with me!
Be there with me!
It will change your whole life!

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