Monday, January 31, 2011

Matters Only

Sitting in a hospital waiting room.
The one you love most of all is in surgery...brain surgery!
So much to think much TIME to think!
One starts to wonder

"How much really matters?"
"I'll sell it all someday..."
"I'm saving it for the grandkids,
what are they going to say?!"
It's just a little corner...
it's just a little 'room...'
It's just a little 'hobby...'
excuses to consume!

"How much really matters?
Then change my heart, oh Lord!
Reveal to my heart just how much
my life can afford.
O take away each 'hobby' that
consumes the life I've got;
anything that would not profit,
let my life have not!"

Then not much really matters
in truest retrospect.
The most important issues
receive the most respect!
Then that which shouldn't matter
gets shed along the way,
then things which hinder dissipate
and "matters only" weigh!

"Father God, please deliver me from 'matter' that doesn't matter!"


Each of us have them.
No matter how 'good' we are...
no matter how close we are to God Most High, there will be distractions.
The question is will we let them sway us apart?

Away from all distraction...
but in the midst of such?
The Presence of Lord Jesus,
He reaches out to touch.
His fingers bid me welcome,
His hands remove all stress,
His embrace prepares me for
the ways that He will bless.
And then the lone distraction:
the Spectacle of God!
In the Presence of Jehovah
I am fully awed!!
The glory and the majesty,
the power and the peace...
every fabric of my being
freely to release!

And then every distraction
to surely disappear
as I obtain that place for which
I surely persevere:
His Presence, oh so glorious!
His holiness! His grace!
Behold His Highness, Jesus Christ!
O look into His face!!

Go there with me!
Be there with me!
It will change your whole life!

Greater than Song!

...and His love is greater than
the heavenlies in line!
When He instructed galaxies,
He had me in mind.
"He loves me," this is more than any
gem or metal rare;
His affection, there is naught
to which it may compare!

"Jesus loves me, this I know..."
it far surpasses song!
Yet shall I declare it all
eternity along!
Whatever be the utterance
in that eternal Place,
my voice, it shall declare it as
I look into His face!"

Does your heart sing out such truth?
After letting go of everything, do you still have everything left?
You can if you know of love that is greater than song: the love that God has for you!

Sunday, January 30, 2011


Within the mountains of my dreams
a hidden vale somewhere...
Quite apparent is the fact
it's crafted with such care!
Unto the same escape is oft
to be with The Creator;
the glory of His Presence-
for there be not any greater!
Verdant vegetation...
rolling valley walls...
unto fascination
the beauty of it calls...
and calls the Great Creator
"for the moment, come ye nigh;
lay aside all issues--see
creation from on high!"
Then to know creation in
another point of view:
contrasted, every object,
sharpened every hue.
But from the same distracted by
the view of my Creator!
The glory of His Presence, oh,
there be not any greater!

Distracted. For a reason.
So often, the cares of this world get so burdensome that to focus on God takes a 'distraction,' He must interfere with my world to get me to let go of it.
He can handle the issues that are a lot better than I can.
I must learn to let Him.

Saturday, January 29, 2011


Joy shall triumph in the morning
when is come the Day!
Everything that is of 'pain'
shall fade and flee away!
In the Day that is ahead
in that Land to be-
all that is so stressful here-
we shall no longer see!

"Oh come at last, ye Promise!
O realize your vow!
You are alive inside our souls
and we desire NOW!
Oh Jesus, split the sky and usher
in that waiting age;
for all of life is poised and set!
Oh Father, turn the page!

Promises...promises... But promises that we cling so dearly to because of Truth!
Hang in there, people. Jesus Christ IS coming soon!

Thursday, January 27, 2011

Words of Purpose?

How can words affect a people,
Lord, in lasting ways?
How can a pen exalt Your graces
and inspire praise?
Can be even captured that
within the heart to surge?
But God, cause words and paragraphs!
Make poetry to merge!

Say things about the majesty
just there beyond the reach...
remind us in that dialect
no sage could ever teach!
Make us to know vision that
no artist e'er could paint!
Visit us in ways that make
the strongest men to faint!!

How can words affect a people?
Not as well as You!
A pen cannot recount some things,
especially the view!
Until then, there remains so much
unknown to eyes and ears,
it is told only to the heart
of him that perseveres!

How can words affect a people?
Only for awhile.
So let this man's bring contemplation,
comfort and a smile.

Saturday, January 22, 2011


The cattle on a thousand hills
are tended to this morn.
They lumber through the gentle mist
that is nightly born;
nothing seems to startle them
as they are a-graze...
they are so content that they
so easily amaze!
The Tender of the cattle,
the Savior of my soul,
Almighty God are all the Same
and He has control!

Is God so great that He cares not for something so simple that most take for granted?
No. God is so great that He DOES care for the things we take for granted!
Therefore, may we be grateful and aware of ALL that He does!

Good Morning

Heavenly Father,
As I release myself into Your Presence, I realize how petty are the fears I cling to during the day. I release them and rise into that of You...

The fire of creation is
to capture every sense!
The glory of Your handiwork
demands ALL eminence!
Everything is left behind
except Your work and YOU!
And captivated is creation,
Lord, by only You!

Heavenly Father,
Even in the black of night, vision contains the wonder of You!
Who is man to be so blessed with all that You are?!

In JESUS' Name,

Friday, January 21, 2011


To just how many is it life?
How many even take of it with contemplation?

Once more, the Body and the Blood-
the elements of life.
Jesus paid it all that I
might taste of His own strife!
Only Bread? Only Wine?
Only "elements?"
But living so alive in all
this symbol represents!

Make me part of Jesus as
I take of it once more!
Make Jesus part of me as I
reflect upon each sore!
Make us of each other, Father,
life and death and living.
The Body and the Blood of Jesus-!

"Get it over with, Pastor, so we can get to the restaurant..."
"Hurry up, servers. The game comes on in 30 minutes..."

"Damn you!"

Pause and reflect upon what you are doing!
"He that eats and drinks without regard partakes damnation unto himself!"
(Yes, that's in the Bible.)
Commune with God.
Take of His communion with regard. Heartfelt regard. It will change your life!


In the depths of soul-searching...brought here by the Holy Spirit...again, I am caused to reflect upon mercy and grace...

And what did He consider,
the Son of God Most High,
knowing He was Who He is
come for you and I?
And what did He consider,
there before the Cross-
Him-Possessor of all things,
about to suffer loss?
And what did He consider,
knowing every heart,
Him Who is THE all-in-all,
about to come apart?
And what did He consider,
the Son--yet God alone?
He looked ahead, beyond the Cross,
as His eternal Throne!
And what did He consider?
He looked upon the mass-
and looked into my very eyes
and said "I cannot pass!"
And what did He consider?
He regarded even me,
and said "I must endure it all
so you'll have victory!"

All the consideration afforded to us then...AND much will YOU consider Jesus then, now and then?


Sunday morning...watering plants before anyone arrives...Someone is already there...He alerts me of His Presence...

In the silence of the sanctuary...
close the eyes and listen to the noise!
The happening that goes on in the Spirit--
the heart and soul and spirit is to poise!
So very far beyond "noise" be the sound-
the sound of actions in another realm!
Workings far beyond mere comprehension,
Father, Son and Spirit at the helm!

In the silence of the sanctuary-
take it in as deeply as you can!
The Power and the Glory of The Presence-
so very favored be mere, mortal man!

Go to the sanctuary!! Do not be deprived of the glory of God!
Sanctuary? Of course it be a building! But only a building! The answer to that must be discovered for yourselves!

Spoken is The Word!

Spoken is The Word...and settled so!
To no other Source is man to go!
Everything is settled in That Source;
everywhere exists no greater Force!
Everyone can rest inside the same:
The Word--and even Jesus is His Name!

Blessed be The Word come for all man!
Blessed be the Father's awesome Plan!
Blessed be the Life, the Death, the Living--

Spoken be the Word...and settled so!
The only Source man ever needs to know!
He has the very greatest love of all!
For even YOUR life He has got a call!
The greatest of all needs by Him are met.
Your very Name He never shall forget!

The Word of God. His Name is Jesus Christ! Yes, Jesus Christ is the Word come in the flesh, and He comes for YOU!
Please don't turn Him away! He has all the answers that you are looking for.
He IS The Answer!

Wednesday, January 19, 2011



"We have it all together
successful we have been;
'pillars of the community,'
the envy of all men!
The gifts that we give back are spoken of
with great emotion,
success behind closed doors, however,
no one has a potion!

Long sleeves hide the bruises...
brick walls mute the noise...
tithes and offerings suffice
should one of us lack poise...
accolades of business serve
to camouflage the gain...
all the while, there's murder, rape,
and every kind of pain!

We have it all together!
They look, but no one sees.
Life is so successful, all
assume it's with such ease!
Sometimes, it is so sickening!
We see right through it all!
Sometimes, 'success,'--it is the most
execrable of call!"

You both are in our prayers,
Jim & Debby

There is...

There is a place that is beyond 'season...'
There is a Person that is above emotion...
There is a time that is not restricted to 'time...'
Father God!
There is a time when I will be with Jesus in that place called Heaven!
Will you be there with us?

O come, oh come ye moment that
already is in place!
Heaven is eternal and
is governed by His grace!
Time no longer is a factor
where is life ideal,
and Jesus Christ in all His glory
is so very real!!

Yes, come, o come ye moment that
shall never come to end!
The faithful, we await that moment
when we shall ascend!
Long we to leave all of this
behind for what's ahead!
Long we to dwell in that realm
with Jesus as The Head!

Oh, that moment...we are yet
constrained by one last bind!
Again, the scourge of time itself,
to each of us, assigned!
O, but in that life beyond
no power shall it know,
as through the ages, with our Savior,
those of us shall go!

Are you amongst us?
Are you looking forward to that time that knows no time?
Cry out to Jesus and give Him your heart while there is yet time!

Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Fine tune

God is faithful. Period.
The Holy Spirit is faithful to help keep us in line. He does so by convicting us when we step out of line. He is faithful even to remind us before we get to that point.
If we are following God as we should, we will know the parameters without question.
When I am not following God, the Holy Spirit is still there, but I will ignore it. I must often cry out

O Jesus, tune my heart again,
make sure that I care.
Keep alive that desire
that I have to share.
Keep me sensitive unto
my brother and his need
by causing me to focus on
the Holy Spirit's lead.

Keep my heart alive, yes,
keep that callouses at bay.
Show me what to do, my Lord,
tell me what to say.
He is a life, he is a soul,
he is a spirit, too;
to help him know You are alive,
but show me what to do!

Oh Jesus, tune my heart again,
I give it all to You!
You are Teacher, I am student,
make me more like You!
O make the world itself to know
that we are in each other,
especially when I approach
another as my brother!

Is that a cry that you must make?
God DESIRES to hear that cry!

She's alright!

Those of you praying for my wife, she came through brain surgery just fine! THANK YOU, LORD JESUS!
Please don't stop praying for us. We serve a God Who answers prayer.
He is all-sufficient.
He is faithful.
He loves us more than anyone can imagine, and He takes care of us!

In HIS Service,

Sunday, January 9, 2011

In spite of...

Glory to God!
Whatever is happening, whatever is predicted, whatever the forecast is, I will glorify God!
The carpeting has been replaced now after the flood. It is more beautiful than before.
I will glorify God.
The kitchen floor has been replaced. It is more than we could have hoped for! Glory to God!
Due to the 'disaster,' we found a few things 'wrong' that had to be corrected. We would not have found them were it not for the 'accident.'
God almost always answers our prayers in ways that we never imagine. This time, He answered our prayers in ways that we absolutely DREADED!
However, I will glorify Him.
How about you?

You are more than any could imagine...
Your ways, for they are far beyond our own!
You give in ways that man just cannot fathom;
proof of Your existence, it is shown!
With eyes You are so evident, Lord Jesus;
But let us not contain You with one sight!
I will ever look for You in all things;
in Your Presence ever I'll delight!

Glory to God!
Find Him in all that you go through.
He is there waiting for you to recognize Him.

Friday, January 7, 2011


But why must I be stopped?!
Have I not walked with Jesus Christ so long that temptations no longer seduce me?
Have you?

...but once again to snare the man I am,
caught up in serving 'self,' the world's way.
Slowly taking light that which He told me
back when I would humble me and pray.
Of a truth, seduction-it be rampant,
the world plays the harlot to a lie.
It's pleasure-it be only for a season,
" merry, for tomorrow we shall die!"

But I know of a path of self-denial,
and mercy, once again, shall merge my route;
and there, where justice meets grace undeserved,
I see what Calvary is all about!
When called to give account for my actions,
to bow in silence be my lone recourse.
I'm privy to the limits of temptation.
Too, I know my sins are NOT by force!
Accountable in full for what I've done,
unto the Father of my Lord I plead;
and I feel consolation in the mercy
of Him Who, for mine every sin, did bleed!

"Father God, I need Your strength again!"

This morning's stroll

I took a stroll this morning
along a living way
escorted so on either side
by many blest bouquet.
Oh, did I delight as I
passed through the feeble gate,
no idea had this man
of life that did await...
I recalled forget-me-nots
in uniform at right...
the pansies on the other side
ablush in sheer delight...
daises donned in garment likened
to the cherub's wing,
the center shone so bright, the
marigolds began to sing!
And all along the living path,
(with armaments so drawn,)
the brilliant roses, fragrantly
stood guard against the dawn!

The stroll I took this morning
along the living way-
it is a blest refreshment, oh,
but all throughout my day!
It minds me of the beauty and
the sweetness of my God,
and of the beauty He can make
within mine inner sod.

How was your walk this morning?
Did you even go?
It doesn't have to be far! Just down the driveway, perhaps.
Whatever you do, don't forget to notice God's creation and talk to Him about it!

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Where did You go?

Have you ever felt that way with God?
Your prayers seem like they make it no further than the place you say them?
You do all things seems you do everything even help those in need...but you just can't 'sense' God there.
But when was the last time you left ALL behind and sought the Presence of God alone?
We can get so busy with 'things.' Even busy doing 'good things.' These is so much we can get involved in that falls into the category of 'ministry.' However, if I don't set aside time with only God, that 'intimacy,' I will very quickly fall into lack.
I promise you, if it ever gets to the point when you look at God and say "Where did You go?" it is not God that went anywhere!
Too, if you ever have to look up and say "Father, where are You?" you are asking that question from the palm of His hand! I promise!
As I wrote this to someone special, I proofed it and found that there are perhaps more people out there that might be touched by it.
How about you?

Sunday, January 2, 2011


Greater realms exist.
Greater thought is happening.
Greater plans are in place that existed long before anyone or anything.

Greater is the One that has
but all of life arranged.
He has each breath of life in Him,
and He remains unchanged.
Time is no constraint to Him,
and yet it's His possession!
Every moment that will be
is already in session!

Can anyone fathom the fact that what is already was?
Who can know that what shall be has already been seen?
Is such as this forbidden to a finite mind?
Greater is He that in is me than he that is in the world!

Blest Communion

"Prayer service again?!"
"Revival again..."
"Communion again..."
"Oh God, let not the relationship I have with You and the 'things' I do at Your command ever become 'ritual!'"

The harvest of the field and the vineyard
to represent the body and the Blood.
Such my holy Father used to rescue
as I surely sank into the mud!
What some have made a ritual and habit,
such do I so value and revere!
Forever will I take of such in homage,
even when no longer taken here!

Communion is life!
Unless it is taken as such and in reverence, quite a bit is missed...the whole life of it is missed!
Therefore, examine yourself.

We Come Victorious!

Though humanly, we come as frail,
just call on Him with scars of nail!
The wonder of the Crimson flow;
as human, we could never know!
But, to humble that within,
we, as mere and mortal men,
can know blest health and life eterne
in Him Who's sure to soon return!

He will return.
We are victorious.
No matter how we feel, no matter our social status, regardless what life may have told us, God tells us that we are victors!
I would rather hear and listen to Him.