Friday, December 30, 2011

What do YOU see?

Watching morning develop...
those upon the wing escorting it along...(MANY upon the wing!)
As they amass, their words become a discussion, then discussion becomes a cacophony of praise that cannot be reproduced!
Are they talking about the colors that The Artist used to create the eastern dawn?
Are they reminding each other how wonderful the Artist's provisions are?
Again, the discussion becomes clamorous as they eventually pass...onto the next piece of land that needs reminding.
What are the noises of your morning declaring? Are they murmuring about yet another day at the grind, or are they rejoicing over another opportunity to serve God and watch Him work?

Morning comes so beautiful and new;
many lives join in to see the view!
So glorious, the anthem life would raise!
So worthy, The Creator, of our praise!

What do you see in your morning? Is it just another day...filled with the mundane? It can be a glorious new day filled with beholding the hand of God in as many places as you allow!

Thursday, December 29, 2011

What about Jesus?

Until the whole world hears
I will glorify His Name!
And when the whole world hears,
I am going to do the same!
And when this world disappears
I will see Him face-to-face,
and Christ will wipe away all tears
as He holds me in embrace!

The splendor of my King-
it makes all of my being sing!
The glory of His love-
the world around is so full of!
Identify the Lord-
His grace can everyman afford!
For Jesus only, live!
Life eternal will He give!

The year comes to an end.
A lot of folks will be reflecting and recollecting on...
What will stand out as 'crucial' in your life?
Have you done anything for Jesus?
Have You done anything with Jesus?
Jesus is alive and well. What are you going to do about it?

Monday, December 26, 2011

Celebrating yet...

"Day after Christmas."
What does it mean to culture?
Despite the emotions it may conjure, there is still a celebration Somewhere:

Choirs without number and
so varied in the voice
delivering that message that
is true and greatest choice!
All Heaven to react as they
would serenade the King!
Join with them! Give all your breath!

Jesus and His glory as
His day is come once more...
Jesus and His glory--all
eternity is for!
Jesus and His glory! Join
the everlasting song!
The melody, for it will last
as ages roll along!

Christmas come and go?
Christmas yet residing
in the hearts of the redeemed,
holy and exciting!
We celebrate the King of Kings,
come in such low estate,
and hail Him as our ONLY king
so good and oh so great!

Jesus IS!
Surely He has come. Surely He has lived. Surely He has died. Surely He is yet alive and inviting one and all to realize that Christmas is not just one day per annum!
Celebrate Jesus Christ everyday...all day long...constantly! He is worthy!

Sunday, December 25, 2011

Christmas Day...

"Happy Birthday, Jesus!"

Is this day any different from the rest?
It has been at this house. Look at what time this message is reaching you.
There was a visitor at our house today for the first Christmas ever! Our grandson Theo!
How about at your house? Was anything different?
I truly pray that all of the 'differences' that this year held were for the good.
God has a way of doing that...when you let Him.

I sure hope that each one of you that have signed up for these messages is enjoying this day and the fullness of Jesus Christ, Son of God, Savior of the soul!
Thank you each for your support, and MERRY CHRISTMAS!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Wish List

"All I want for Christmas is...
Lord, I know that You know all things and can provide all things, but don't you ever tire of listening to me ask for 'stuff?'
Lord, what do YOU want for Christmas? It's YOUR birthday!
How about peace on earth?
I heard one person say "Jesus can do all things, so if there is going to be 'peace on earth,' He is the One to make it happen."
What kind of 'things' do You desire, Lord?
Am I living the kind of life that will produce those 'things?'
Lord, please help me be what You want me to be. I yield myself now.
Please help me to do that which You want done. I avail myself anew.
Please help me to deny my self and once again be used in the events that You have planned.

All I want for Christmas is...
too much more than I need!
All I want is You, Lord, to
ensure that I be freed
from my addiction to the 'stuff'
that matters not at all!
Though none of it be 'evil,'

it may interfere with 'call.'

'All I want for Christmas...' it is
nothing to desire
when I think of You, Lord, and
the fullness You require!
Free me from the 'want' for more
that I might realize
that You are greater than my want
and right before my eyes!"

Talk to Jesus about your 'wish list.'

Light of the World

Do you know that your light shines in a dark world?

Light one candle that it may shine
and never be consumed...
light one life that it may live
that life may be resumed...
light one heart that it may love
and therefore reproduce...
light the path that you are on
and, therefore, be of use!

The Light is Jesus, and He has come into the world that it may be saved.
Do you know Him, or do you just know of Him?
Know Him as your Savior and so let your Light be one that affects your whole world!

Wednesday, December 21, 2011


One of my readers pointed out that yesterday's message, "Christmas Somewhere," is not necessarily that far away. She mentioned something that is on my heart, but has not been addressed much as of yet: that person that is celebrating 'alone' does not have to be across the oceans...they may be just across the street.
Is there someone in your neighborhood that is alone this Christmas? It is especially painful if this is their first Christmas alone.
Most of us have the ability to do something about that. It may be as simple as inviting them over to your celebration of Jesus. It may change their whole Christmas.
Will you reach out with me?

In HIS Service,

Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Christmas Somewhere...

Gathered at the Christmas Tree...what a blessing each year!
Of course, the greatest blessing pertains to another tree, and the one we see each December is symbolic of it.
There are some, however, that will be alone where they are.
Let us not forget to pray for them.

At the Christmas Tree alone;
a fraction of what has been known.
It's fullness, though, to represent
as they recall why they are sent...

Alone around a Christmas Tree,
huddled by a branch or three;
memories, the only gifts
as, through the rubble, each one sifts...

A Tree erected where they can
to celebrate a single Man.
Whatever vestige of The Man
and His One redemption plan.
No choirs singing in the street...
no loved ones at the door to meet...
no children playing at their feet--
a mission have they to complete.
A mess hall for a dining room...
a radio to break the gloom...
yet they make the very most-
faithful to their every post!

At a Christmas Tree alone-
for some, the first time it is known,
for all, however, do we pray
for God's protection Christmas Day!
Each remain secure in heart
as they carry out their part;
Protect them, Father, as they serve;
give each the Christmas they deserve.

There are those with loved ones yet 'over there;'
there are some whose loved ones will not be returning. Christmas will be different this year.
Let us each be sensitive to this and reach out.

Thursday, December 15, 2011

In the early Early...

Silence by the Christmas Tree-
too numerous, the thought;
very few be recollections
there of something 'bought;'
front and center be the love
of family and Lord;
regardless of the 'merchandise'
it's always time adored!
This time of seeing Jesus,
once again, so new!!
The details of The Miracle
to silence in the dew...
knowing of the love involved
of all who gather near,
Christmas comes to life anew
and even much more dear!

Silence by the Christmas Tree
with Jesus here beside.
In conversation with my Lord-
the best of 'seasontide!'
Shut the bustle out to focus
on the center of
the reason for The Holiday-
Jesus, King of Love!

Again, I encourage each of you, don't let the 'commercial' rob you of the essential: time with Jesus during His birthday! It is the most affordable gift you can give or receive, yet some completely overlook it...if not flat-out ignore it!
Spend some quiet time with Jesus this Christmas.

Wednesday, December 14, 2011


"Light of the world that cannot fade,
eternity, in You, is made!
All of life desires You:
the One Illumination true.

O Light that nothing may affect,
in all of this life we reflect
upon the constant that You are-
so far away, and never far!

Light of the world and nothing less,
Your lumen is to ever bless
the steps of us that You ordain:
life...and never is it plain!

Light of all and evermore,
You're all that we are living for
and we keep reaching to that day
when we will see Your Light for aye!"

The Light of Christmas is Jesus!
Make sure YOU have Him inside of you to keep your Christmas AND your whole life aglow!

Same Difference?

Nothing is the same...
changes, they are not...
that which has ever always been,
for it shall be our lot!
even from now on,
God was, He is and He will be,
in spite of what goes on!

Nothing is the same, for life
is new and constantly!
Sing life unto Him! He is worthy!
God, Creator He!

"Nothing new beneath the sun..."
It was even so as far back as the Bible..the Old Testament! But that should not stop us from EXPECTING God to be newer everyday and looking for what He is going to do next!
Do you have such expectancy inside of you?

The Righteous!

"Your absolute integrity-
God, who could understand?
You proceed with purity
as I, before You, stand!
You look upon me with Your eyes,
but judgment is not yet;
only outright sanctity
from You will this man get!

You listen to me with intent;
still, no decision be.
You will not come to an assessment
til, my heart, You see!
Righteousness--it is the belt
about Your very Being,
therefore, my reality
is all that You are seeing!

There is NOT another God-
nothing else compares!
Not a thing known unto Us,
Your righteousness, impairs!
You cannot look upon me lest
Your Son stands in between;
for I must don His purity
if I am to be seen!

Your righteousness is tantamount
if I am to commune.
O purify these filthy rags, Lord,
that I be immune!"

Do I pray to be 'righteous?'
The Word declares that "there is none righteous, no, not one!"
Is that a license, therefore, to be unrighteous? Of course not!
I must strive in all that I am to be more like Jesus every day! It is a journey, not just a destination. And since we are commanded to do so, it surely must be possible.
Join me in such pursuit.


"Beautiful beyond description.
There is nothing to compare You to, therefore I must leave all things behind as I enter into Your Presence.
Nothing to compare You to...
Nothing to compare to You...
Comparison, therefore, becomes offensive!
Beautiful Father...glorious Father...
Lord, do I therefore offend You as I come?
The volumes of grammar seeking to describe You?
Does my craft and calling hinder me from more of You?
For if I truly believe (and I do!) that these words are inspired by the Holy Spirit, the same cannot be offensive!
For You have gifted me, and I shall return this gift to You and the masses by using it for Your glory and Your cause!
Beautiful beyond description: my God and the way You ordain Your Chosen!"

The Light

As The Light approaches...

Shades attempt to scatter in the dew-
they have no purpose in the light anew;
gone to be all persons of the same;
a waste of time be mentioning of name.

Shades and shady people disappear
as The Light approaches and stays here!
Keep The Light--the same, He will keep you,
illuminating everything you do!

Jesus Christ is the Light of the world! When He is near, darkness cannot survive!
Stay in The Light! Study and follow His commands, and your path shall always be illuminated!


Goodbye to you, I finally arrove.
Before is but a great and grander trove!
Do I consider "wasted," time before?
NO WAY! For it has brought me to this door!

Goodbye to you, I finally advance.
I've heard the music, now I get to dance!
The freedom I have heard for now so long,
I taste...and none shall tell me it is wrong!

Goodbye to you...I finally am free!
Not any kind of shackle knowing me!
Rewards, they are for greater, this I know,
but unto Christ alone now I will go!

Yes, there are treasures waiting in Heaven for us that not even a poet could express, to great to even imagine! But first, I WANT TO SEE JESUS!!
We will have all eternity to spend enjoying the 'things' that are said to be 'stored up' for us, but spending time with Jesus is still at the top of my list.
What about you?


"At such a time as this..."
When all the world around may only see a baby in some hay, His Own see Jesus as The Greatest Gift of all from THE Loving God!

Fall in adoration of Him,
Jesus Christ alone!
Affirm His Lordship! Freely love
the Lamb upon the Throne!
The Lord-for He is God and He
is worthy of all praise;
for He is Life beyond this life
where are no longer days!

"Jesus, all eternity
is satisfied in You,
and it shall take eternity
to render what is due!
A debt that I could never pay
is settled--it is sealed;
and, glory, it eternity,
the same shall be revealed!"

beautiful is He!
All creation, all bow down
to the One and Three!
There is not another God,
none other is the same!
"An honor and a privilege
it is to bless Your Name!"

So very fortunate are those belonging to Jesus Christ!
There are benefits to such that are provided nowhere else, and attained through nothing else!
Give your heart to Jesus and live life to the full!

Joy to the Lord!

Joy to the Lord--the One of joy--
He dances over us!
He looks at God and points at you
and makes a joyous fuss!
Rejoicing over us, He plots
and plans our good always.
Submit to God; commit to give Him
each and all your ways!

Joy to the Lord--the One of Grace--
He gave what we could not.
Because of Who and What He is
eternal life we've got!
If you have given Him your heart,
He has it for His Own;
and all your days are settled!
Your eternity is known!

Joy to the Lord--the One of life--
and that abundantly!
Give to Him--He multiplies
in ways that cannot be!
Through Him, you will give, and it
is given unto all!
Joy to the Lord--it is the season--
hearken to His call!

Sure, there are vestiges of Jesus all around right now, because it is Christmas! But should we not be CELEBRATING Him all year long? Look what He does for us ALL YEAR LONG! He celebrates you and I!
Jesus Christ is worth our time, our talents, our very lives!
Spend your life celebrating Jesus...not just Christmas!

Tuesday, December 13, 2011


A lonely manger in a field somewhere?
Just another baby?

All the steps that had to be-
BUT GOD already knows...
His love, His mercy, His concern-
BUT GOD, without end, shows...
All the best that He possesses
gives He unto all-
He has the steps of all your life
securely in His call!

All the steps that had to be
are ordered and secure;
if there be silence in that place,
how many can endure?
All the steps that have to be,
they have an order, too;
the leaders in the highest places...
God knows what to do!
He raises up, He razes down,
He blesses, He deposes;
not everything inside His call
is going to come up roses!

All the steps inside this life,
they are completely known-
He is The Maker of this life-
commit to Him Your own!

God is life!
All that Jesus endured was known and ordained on a date that we cannot fathom!
He has a specific purpose for you and this life that you are living in!
He loves you so much that he even has your days ordered!
Are you willing to submit and live that sure path?

Sunday, December 11, 2011


Rain continues falling...
God continues calling...
His voice is even over every storm!
His words are always certain.
Whenever we are hurtin'
He comes as healing in so many form!
The weather matters not.
His Presence we have got.
His touch-it is the panacea ever!
The weather comes and goes...
but this, each child knows:
He will leave us never, no, not ever!

Jesus never fails.
No matter what situation you may find yourself in, He is right there.
No matter how black the clouds are...
No matter how wickedly the winds are blowing...
No matter how shaky the ground is beneath your feet...Jesus is right there!
Trust Him.
Depend on Him.
Jesus never fails!

First Word

Early once again...

So beautiful the day,
quiet as of yet...
dew upon the land to glisten-
scarcely is it wet;
How many are the birds that are
to herald morning tide?
How many colors on the wing?
Creation to confide!

"Beautiful, ye day at hand;
what life, what life awaits!
There are some that just cannot wait
to get out of the gates!
But wait! Take but a moment to
behold Creator God!
In the silence of the morn,
hear land and limb applaud!

So beautiful, the day, and oh
so long the list of tasks.
But start the day with God! For He
responds to Him Who asks!
How many are the evidences
of His Presence nigh?
As many as the heart receives
while voices prophesy!

Prophecy happens.
Voices happen.
Are you receptive?
Pay attention and join creation as God is being glorified!

Gift of Joy

It is a gift come with a price. Hmmm...oxymoron?
The gift of joy is free because someone already paid for it.
It is a gift given of the greatest love to ever be!
It is a gift...
The writer could use volumes to record, relate, depict the gift of God in Jesus Christ, but until one experiences this gift personally, they may remain 'just words.'
Know Jesus! Know the life that He is for yourself!

Christmas and the world is reacting.
Christmas, what a gift from God Most High!
Christmas--it is God come dwell among us:
it is Jesus come for you and I!
Much more than fancy packages
beneath a gilded tree...
greater than the fortune that
is spent by such as we...
more than merely several weeks
that culminate each year...
Christmas--it is Jesus Christ--
hold Him oh so near!

Christmas, and the world is reacting-
how will you react unto the world?
We must be there for them with our Savior-
His mercy, love and grace to be unfurled!
Christmas and the world is reacting-
they are crying out for Christ the Son!!
In the honest spirit of the season,
cry out to God "Your will, not mine, be done!"

"Joy to the world."
That is the gift we have and our assignment.
Make sure that Jesus is front and center as you live Christmas!

Saturday, December 10, 2011

The "Season"

Merry everyday?
Two ways to look at it:
1. The world has made Christmas 'just another day.'
2. Jesus is worth celebrating everyday as much as He is celebrated...should be celebrated this time of year.
Let us see to it that the latter is true, but do not miss the opportunity to shine Him through our lives as we go through this 'season!'

In the bustle of the season,
let us not forget THE reason:
Jesus Christ is born to us this day!
We celebrate His special birth
as we dream of peace on earth,
by sending alms and offerings His way.
"A precious Babe in Bethlehem"
is how the world envisions Him,
humble, in a manger, meek and low...."
But "Regal and Omnipotent...
just, and yet compassionate,"
is how, this little manger Child, I know!
And deeper knowledge so reveals
that way this humble servant feels
about the Savior Whom this day is for:
I love Him more than anything!
He makes my heart and soul to sing!
And I will reverence Him forevermore!

So, gazing on The Child yonder,
make our every sense to ponder
He is alive in majesty
and waiting for The Trump is He
to come and take His Bride, the Church, away!!

In 'season' and out, be ye ready for that Trumpet blast!!

Thursday, December 8, 2011


I don't know how your December is so far, but it sure dropped here in just a few days!
On a day like today, it is so wonderful to remember Whose I am, to lean into Him and feel His love!

Separated once again,
his purposes alone...
in a place of glory,
a position to atone;
His pleasure and His bidding-
my calling and my cause;
before our appointment
He rids me of my flaws.

How wonderful to be where you're appointed...
how wonderful, doing the anointed...
naught allowed to hinder what is right;
Jesus Christ--mine all and my delight!

Time alone with God at such a time as this.
Very rewarding.
Have you been here lately? Don't let anything stop you...not even the weather!

Wednesday, December 7, 2011


So many are the issues
that seek to steal our joy;
so very many obstacles
attempting to annoy...
But One have we to stable us
upon the Narrow Way,
His Name, His Name is Jesus Christ
and He is all my stay!

So very many issues,
they are but irritations;
I do not have to give them place
because I have Relation!
Jesus--He is overcoming
all of this for me!
I only have to speak His Name
and stand in victory!!

"So very many issues..."
but Jesus, He is more!
His glory and His majesty
but my resolve be for!
The many irritations
are temporary so;
and He will keep me from the storm
or, through it with me, go!

"Irritations--" blessings in disguise?
Jesus Christ alone to know the wise!
Cling to Him! Cling to Him through it all!
O so glorious, His settled call!

Jesus paid it all.
He knows all you are going through at all times.
Somehow, (somehow?) those issues and irritations will be used for His glory and your benefit.
I don't know how, I only know that it is true.
Trust Jesus!

Tuesday, December 6, 2011


Christmas season, or Christmas way of life?
It must be more than one day!
It MUST be more than seasonal!
Our celebration of Jesus must not only be more than any of that, it must be VISIBLE!!
Can this world SEE Jesus in you?

See and hear the season changing,
winter draweth nigh...
It is certainly a thing to 'feel,'
and known unto the eye;
but just how 'seasonal' is Jesus
in all of our living?
He must be 'something' each of us
so constantly are giving!

Is there enough of Christ within
for you to give away?
Surely there are those who need Him
all about your day!
Jesus is The Way!
And we are charged with sharing Him...
how many will obey?

We are to be overflowing
in and out of season!
We are living vessels, yes,
and Jesus is the reason!
We may not be popular,
or even deemed 'correct,'
but we contain the Life of which
each heart must intersect!

Christmas. LIVE WITH IT!
CHRISTMAS--give it away!!
(It's o.k.)

Monday, December 5, 2011

Christmas Glory!

Decorations going up...
Prices going down...(really?)
But there is more! Celebrate it with me...

Praise to the God, Creator of
our Savior--Christ the Lord!
See Him through eternity-
the ages have adored!
He is the Son of Righteousness,
admire Him always!
In and out of season give
to Jesus Christ all praise!

Praise to the Father of our Lord
Who saves us from all sin.
All glory unto Him Whose love
is ever to transcend!
He is celebrated--through
all life He is the same!
The wonder of His holiness
eternally proclaim!

Praise to God Almighty!
All ye living bring Him laud!
He is Christmas! He is Jesus!
Celebrate! Applaud!
'Tis but the culmination of
a year inside His grace!
See the Baby...see the Savior...
see God face-to-face!

Praise to The God--the only One
Who is life and alive.
At the fullness of the manger
see that you arrive!

The FULLNESS of Christmas. Savor it. Enjoy it.

Saturday, December 3, 2011

In the Glory

The glory and the majesty
in the house to know!
So many are the avenues
the Spirit is to flow.
in the house throughout...
it sings above all inhibitions,
drowning fear and doubt!

O glorious! Ye song of holiness
we sing anew!
We taste of the sweet nourishment
and freshness of your dew!
"There is none like You!" But it
is once again our truth;
for You have seen us faithfully
but ever since our youth!

all glory is Your own!
You are the only song that
captivates our very tone!
Sing to us! Sing through us!
Be all that may be heard!
We so desire the fullness of You--
Jesus--Living Word!"

Sing His song, ye people! Allow Jesus to sing through you!
Are you an avenue of His message to your world?
He wants you to be!

Wednesday, November 30, 2011

Morning Glory

O Glory of the morning,
but what is time to You?!
Your light is shed but constantly...
how, then, is something new?
The Word of God is plain:
"There's nothing new beneath the sun..."
it yet goes on to say Your mercies,

never are they done!

O Glory of the morning,
can You be understood?
You declare Your Presence and
it's always for our good!
You shine upon our day, our deeds,
no matter what they be...
oh, be it true that ours will stand
the trials that must be!

O glory of the morning-
Jesus-Lord of all,
here we are, and we avail
ourselves unto Your call!
See that we be faithful in
that hour just ahead;
oh shine upon us as we bow
desiring to be led."

The days that are...times are going to get tough. Yes, it can be worse...and it will be.
Will you be able to stand firm through that which is ahead?
Reaffirm your commitment to matter what!


The season of giving...but there is more!
The season of gathering together...but there is more!
The season of restoring relationship...but there MUST be more!
What can there be to "season" that might last longer than a season?
What can there be to "Christmas" that lasts a lifetime...even eternally?
JESUS! It has to be Jesus!
Make Jesus central to this 'season' and it WILL BE most memorable!
To all of my family, friends and 'readers,' Jesus is the center of this man's life, and He is my wish to you and yours this 'season...' and always!!

"Jesus-You are surely more
than just a holiday!
Every moment in You, Lord,
I seek no other way!
I revel in the celebrations
come this time of year,
oh, but ever-constant be
the Source of Joy and Cheer!

Jesus-You are more than life,
and life is come from You!
We celebrate Your life because
You make all things anew!
We celebrate 'cause You are Lord-
God come to us all,
come 'in season,' yet availed
whenever we should call!

Lord Jesus Christ-more and more
than 'season' may contain!
You are Lord, and far beyond
all season is Your reign!
In that place where 'season,' it be
just a memory
You are alive and You sustain
the chosen such as we!"

When Christmas is over, is your attention to Him over for 11 months? I surely hope not! Be it true that 'Christmas' be just a culmination of celebrating Him all year long!

Wonderful Calling!

"I love to hear Your voice as You
affirm that I'm Your son!
I love the peace that life becomes
when You say "It is done."
Oh Lord, each affirmation come
from being by Your side
enables me to onward press;
I will not be denied!"

O wonderful relationship
with God--Almighty God!
The senses that are all this man
His attributes applaud!
He is so very personal
He is so very real;
the peace that is as He converses-
oh, what blessed feel!

"I love to hear Your voice, and I
respond unto the same.
How can I vocalize it when
You call me by my name?!
O wonderful relationship
availed unto all...
I am so very happy I
responded to Your Call!"

And so He calls to everyone...everyone!
The only matter is our response to that call.
Listen for Him and do all that you can to affirm His calling upon your life! It is wonderful!

Sunday, November 27, 2011

That Holy Place

In the Presence of Almighty-
sheer transparency!
Are there any brave enough
to stand His Company?!
There is nothing that is hidden
in this holy Place;
there is nothing greater than
the love...the peace...the grace!

How beautiful it is to see His glory!
How wonderful to be in His embrace!
Jesus--there is nothing to approach Him!
Look into the fullness of His face!!

Look into the fullness of His face...can you?
Look into the eyes of Jesus. He longs for your company!
I can't understand that!! Jesus Christ is God and has everything, yet He desires to fellowship with us!
Go to that Holy Place often.

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Giving thanks

Thanksgiving--is it but a holiday?
But I'm so thankful, crying out "NO WAY!"
So many reasons I, much thanks, to give!
It is an entire way to live!

O, the good that yet exists always.
For this, we are so thankful, and give praise.
The blessings-who could even know the count?
O, but praise and glorify the Living Fount!

Thanksgiving--o, but live in such a way
that it becomes a part of every day!
Give gratitude to God for everything!
Sing to Him, ye people! Boldly sing!

O so thankful unto God Most High.
He loves and favors such as you and I!
Obedience He asks for in return...
much thankfulness has this man yet to learn!

What about you? Have you mastered thankfulness?
Do you automatically give thanks to God in every situation?
I am a very grateful man.
I have yet a ways to go.
"Thank You, Father God."

Live it!!

Rich? It depends on who you ask.
Possessions? Meager...but certainly more than most!
No matter what 'state' you stop and consider yourself in, each of us have something to be thankful for.
How much effort does it take to realize this?

Living in a state of gratitude.
O, but let the very same exude
with every word or deed out of this man-
only life in Jesus ever can!

Is it difficult for you to see
this thankfulness that is a part of me?
To see it in your own life is a chore?
BUT GOD, He is the source of this, and more!
He will give you reasons to rejoice
and cause your words to be of grateful choice!
Tell Him that you need to his touch-
He will answer clearly and with much!

Living in a state of gratitude-
it is so much deeper than a 'mood!'
Live the way "The life...the Truth...the Way-"
gratitude, you'll always have to say!

More than a holiday...a way of life!
"Thank You, Father God!"


"With every sunrise I behold,
so glorious and new,
I cannot help but sing out praise
and glory unto You!

With every day entrusted me
I'll do my best for You.
For there is not a greater calling
anyone can do!

With every day completed, I
shall thank You yet once more-
To glorify You all the day,
is what this life is for!"

"Thank You, God!"
Shout it from the depths, all ye people! For He is worthy of praise and gratitude, for all things good come from Him!

Saturday, November 12, 2011


In an inconspicuous building in an unassuming neighborhood...

The brewer keeps a rhythm all his own
while the others purpose to be known;
rhythm, rhyme, reasoning and heart-
all combine for what be known as 'art.'

All the while, the master at his craft: his post 'til aft.'
Do any recognize his artistry,
or is he just a part of peasantry?

Behind the counter, in a one-man show,
it is a place the spotlight does not go.
He is secure in his craft and call-
and grace is surely on his life to fall!

Passion-it is more than recognition;
joy-it is its own reward!
Skill-it is come from that combination.
For all three give thanks unto the Lord!


What is it.
So beautiful, that sanctuary we call 'church.'
Where is it? What is it?
Does it always have four walls? If so, I missed it!
Be it truly 'sanctuary,' then I'm afraid that others have missed it, too.
So beautiful sanctuary.
It is NOT just a building! It is wherever Jesus meets with you!
It is wherever HE sets up residence!
It is that blessed place where we find His Presence.
It is that place He takes me to in order to experience Him!
Find sanctuary.
It is beautiful!

"This is Awesome!!"

Deeper than 'congregation...'
faces, hands, hearts, souls...gathered in one place.
BUT GOD!! This is an abandoned garage!!
This is in "THAT part of town..."
These are...normal people...congregating!
Forget the church 'sign...' Forget the church 'name...'
this IS The Church!
Faces...hands...hearts...souls...all gathering to worship You!
Dare I say "congregating?!"
This is beautiful! No one is asking for 'doctrine,' they are all seeking You!
They are smiling...talking...laughing...not arguing. It's beautiful!

But God, what if they don't believe the way I do...

But God, what if they don't believe at all...

But God, what would Jesus do?

"Ask Him. He is right there in their midst!"


"You know that I am prone to wander,
I am led to stray;
yet, "somehow," You stable me
upon the Narrow Way;
so many opportunities
are afforded me,
yet, "somehow," the very best,
it is eventually.

So often are Your purposes
seemingly obscured;
and yet, my Lord, Your plan for my life
always is occurred;
not as I imagine,
nor as I desire,
yet You "somehow" receive the glory
when it's known entire!

Lord, for oh the ages that
"Your ways are not our ways!"
So high above, superior...
yet all of me You raise!
No matter, Lord, how many are
the times I seem to drift,
there You are, with open arms,
my very soul to lift!"

God knows that I belong to Him and He protects His belongings.
He knows the things that tempt me. He knows the 'things' that bid me sway.
Too, He is greater than them all and He is right there to provide a way of escape for me!
Trust Him! He can do the same for you!
If you cannot trust Him, tell Him that! He is big enough to take it, and He can get You to that place where You can trust Him.


Oh, so busy! necessarily in that order.
But I do have an escape. A temporary retreat from everything...

Because I am invited,
I go into the Court.
I am even beckoned as,
my heart, would He exhort!
So awesome is this Holy Place,
my words are of no use;
to record our rendezvous
would almost smack 'abuse!'
But once more I'm transported
to the Holy Place
where nothing is invisible
and valuable is grace.
Here to be referred to by
a new name, and quite rare-
I know exactly what He means
with all that He would share!

What blessed invitation-
it is for one alone.
Individually, each one,
into the Court is known.
For all that dare approach here,
for sure, will they abound
as, but the deepest of accord,
could, in this Place, be found!

Find yourself in that Place!
The invitation is open to one and all...IF you have the courage, perseverance, faith and time to go.