Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiting Room

in another place
unfamiliar face
colors of a few
shapes so very new
friendlier than most

In another place--how far away?
So very different than another day?
But similar upon a closer view:
in every place is you and I...and You!
And One is here and now and everyday.
He is the Truth, the Life, He is The Way!
And everyone is equal in His sight!
All ye living, in Him take great delight!

All are equal in His sight.
When you approach God, you have just as much right to be in His Presence as I have. He loves you that much!
He only wants one thing of You: ask for His Son Jesus to be Your Savior.
He provided so much for your life through Jesus Christ!
Don't miss out!
Get out of the Waiting Room!!

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