Wednesday, December 8, 2010

To Truly Give...

Oh so many ways to give...each of them anointed and appreciated. But the greatest thing I can do is go outside of my 'comfort zone?'

Oh let me set myself aside
if only for a season,
and set my sight on only Him
for which HE is THE reason:
to give more than I can afford...
to speak what I cannot...
to embrace what I cannot reach
to savor what I've got!
Shun rhetoric so seasonal...
stop talking and employ!
Don't tarry over what needs be done,

just do it and enjoy!
In giving of the self, oh there
be so much to receive!
Do not delay a-pondering,
go boldly and receive!

If only for a season? NAY!
But everyday, indeed!
So very clear unto my vision
be my brother's need.
If only to present my hand,
a smile or an embrace--
for it could be the greatest gift,
my brother's life to grace!

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