Wednesday, December 8, 2010

That Tree

But a while longer yet
will the journey be.
Then to finally arrive
at the tree, That Tree.
Its branches are abundant with
the nourishment we need;
it is that Tree of Life whose roots
be Abram's blessed Seed!
The river there before it on which
constantly to feed,
it is the living water, yea,
whose flow shall not recede!
And just beyond the river,
gates and streets that are aglow!
Every joy and happiness
awaits for us to know!

But awhile longer....oh
let patience be my stay!
And let me be a witness
everywhere along the way!
May all the blessed attributes
of yonder Evergreen,
in every facet of my life,
be very clearly seen!

The Tree of Life. Oh to partake of its fruit!
What blest promises we have as we cling to Jesus Christ!
Promises, assurances and present provisions available nowhere else!

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