Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Share the Light!

Dear God,
Please make the Light of season so bright that I am blinded unto any blemish in my brother's life.
Oh, make that very same Light to shine upon that certain facet of his life that only I can minister to.
Let not the trimmings of yule be so festive that I am distracted from the One, true Reason for the season.
Let me avail myself to give those things that cannot be purchased, and make me sensitive enough to receive counsel from the Holy Spirit telling me what needs be given.
Help me make the season indeed a joy unto those close to me that are lacking such.
For I have been richly endowed with blessings of the season. Let me not be selfish in the dispensing of the same.
Of a truth, there IS such light in the heart and soul of me. Please make the very same to shine upon them that are in darkness.

In JESUS' Name,

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