Wednesday, December 22, 2010

Gift of Peace

Peace on earth.
Peace in you!
That is the only way that we will have peace on earth: peace in ourselves!
Is there peace in you?

Serenity abroad...
where will it come to rest?
Them that are recipients,
they are so very blessed!
Peace on earth? Goodwill to men?
How many understand?
When will they see that they must reach out
with an empty hand?

Too many limitations...
amendments...strings attached...
The peace we are so needy of
the same cannot be matched!!
It only takes submission,
the swallowing of pride,
going to the manger,
emerging with a Bride!

Peace on earth--will ever we
obtain it in our day?
YES! The same exists in Christ!
The Truth, the Life, the Way!
In a manger come, but,
in the clouds soon to return;
"Obtain His peace inside your soul,"
the 'season's' lone concern!

What greater gift than Jesus Christ?
Receive The Gift!
Receive Him with joy and expectation!
Receive the Gift that keeps on what cannot be bought!
Jesus Christ is The Gift!

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