Saturday, December 4, 2010

Only Noise?

Hear the joy!
The noise of the season is wonderful if you allow it to be!

Hear the songs of celebration.
Hear the hearts in jubilation!
Hear the accolades unto the King!
Who will enter in and shout and sing?
He is worthy of each living voice!
All ye folks rejoice! Again, rejoice!
For God has sent to us His very Son
to do for man what never has been done.
Ignore Him not as "just another man..."
For Jesus has the sole redemption plan!

Rejoice, rejoice and, once again, rejoice!
Call out to Jesus and make Him your choice.
Angels and eternity declare
there is no greater life, not anywhere!

Hear the joy!
Just an 'emotional' reaction?
But to them that know Him, that 'noise' cannot be silenced!

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