Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"King of kings You are-
Almighty and eterne;
Your Kingship and Your tenure,
they are beyond concern!
You are celebrated,
worshipped without end...
You woo the very lowest and
You even call me "friend!"

King of Life You are-and
You always raise me up!
I wait upon You, o Lord Jesus,
yet You fill my cup!
I am elevated, as
my need and my desire
You take upon Yourself and
minister to mine entire!

King of kings You are, and You
are greater than the living,
yet You willingly abase,
becoming o so giving!
I will lower myself and
declare You as my King
and vow my very life to be
a constant offering!

King of my life are You and
there be no count of reason!
And surely You are worthy more
than only of a 'season!'"

Again, Jesus Christ is not a season! He is WORTHY of a whole season, definitely more worthy than one day! But Jesus is a lifetime... And even more!!
Live Jesus--King of Life!

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