Wednesday, December 29, 2010


O blessed be the covering,
so little may affect!
The canopy of God's own hand
to shelter and protect!
The sanctuary of the Blood
to heal and to forgive;
beneath this precious covering
I prosper and I live!

Oh the sacred covering
that nothing else can match:
superior to shingle...
superior to thatch...
that covering that comes as I
cry Jesus' holy Name:
His mercies to depend upon,
His glories to proclaim!

Yes, blessed be that covering-
assuredly, it's mine!
Belonging to the only One
so perfectly divine!
His Name, His Name is Jesus,
and the Son of God is He!
Even God Himself, yes, and
He covers even me!!

And He can cover You!!
Let Him in! Tell Him how much You need Him! And if you think you don't need Him, you are amongst the ones that need Him most!!
His Name is Jesus.
His Name is Jesus.
His Name is Jesus!
He is knocking at the door of your heart.

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