Wednesday, December 29, 2010


You sing new songs over me...
I cannot understand!
As I glorify Your Name
You give me a hand!
All Heaven is rejoicing as
I live my life for You;
as You support me, oh my God,
I know I shall go through!

Blessed be that melody
no person could repeat.
Only by Your voice, oh Lord,
could that song be complete!
The hearer to be elevated
to a higher height
as You voice Your heart, oh God,
expressing Your delight!

You sing a song anew, oh God,
and newer everyday.
Your melody to stabilize me
on the Narrow Way!
So fortunate, Lord, are the ones
who recognize Your voice!
We join the hosts of Heaven as
we revel and rejoice!

The Word Of God tells us that He is so in love with us that He sings new songs over us everyday!
Can you handle that?!
I cannot understand it, either, but I will surely love Him back as best as I can!

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