Wednesday, December 8, 2010

And Jesus is the Reason!

Oh, so far beyond cliche!

How wonderful, how marvelous:
the coming of the King!
Throughout the heavens on this night,
the "Hallelujahs" ring!
Oh, glory unto God for HIM,
His Christmas Gift to all!
Oh glory, GLORY! Even now
submit unto The call!

How wonderful, the One Who comes
so humbly on this night!
The wonder of Him guarantees
my walking in the Light!
The love of God incarnate,
no greater love could be!
Oh focus sight on only this
and celebrate with me!

How wonderful--God the Father's
unconditional love!
No way could I return to Him
that sent me from above.
I only can commit myself
to live for Him each day;
by faith, knowing, oh, such blessings
all along the way!

How wonderful! How marvelous!
Oh, glory in the heights!
Come forth the Son through virgin birth
this holiest of nights!
I worship and exalt Him as
I celebrate the season,
the time of giving unto all;

Yes, "Jesus is the reason for the season!" It's not just a bumper sticker, IT'S TRUTH!
Celebrate HIM. He is worthy!

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