Wednesday, December 8, 2010

All for What?

All for celebration!
All for His glory.
All for you and I.

Thankful for the time of year
we hallow for His birth;
reminding us of Father's
dedication to our worth.
"Jesus Christ is come!" Behold
the start of life for all!
Hear the trumpets pealing!
Hear the Angels as they call!
And hear the Truth that is alive
for us unto this day:
Jesus Christ--the Truth, the Life,
the One Begotten Way!
Come to Him as you are, He will
accept you in His love!
He will escort You in each step
for you to rise above.

Oh, the Truth that is alive
and ready unto all!
The greatest Gift of anytime,
oh brother, do not stall!
Run to Him, reach out for Him,
embrace the Christ of God!!
Hear the songs of earth and hear
all Heaven to applaud!

"Jesus Christ is come." For what?
What a blessed time to turn to Him and truly find out why He came.
All for you and I.

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