Wednesday, December 29, 2010

Waiting Room

in another place
unfamiliar face
colors of a few
shapes so very new
friendlier than most

In another place--how far away?
So very different than another day?
But similar upon a closer view:
in every place is you and I...and You!
And One is here and now and everyday.
He is the Truth, the Life, He is The Way!
And everyone is equal in His sight!
All ye living, in Him take great delight!

All are equal in His sight.
When you approach God, you have just as much right to be in His Presence as I have. He loves you that much!
He only wants one thing of You: ask for His Son Jesus to be Your Savior.
He provided so much for your life through Jesus Christ!
Don't miss out!
Get out of the Waiting Room!!


You sing new songs over me...
I cannot understand!
As I glorify Your Name
You give me a hand!
All Heaven is rejoicing as
I live my life for You;
as You support me, oh my God,
I know I shall go through!

Blessed be that melody
no person could repeat.
Only by Your voice, oh Lord,
could that song be complete!
The hearer to be elevated
to a higher height
as You voice Your heart, oh God,
expressing Your delight!

You sing a song anew, oh God,
and newer everyday.
Your melody to stabilize me
on the Narrow Way!
So fortunate, Lord, are the ones
who recognize Your voice!
We join the hosts of Heaven as
we revel and rejoice!

The Word Of God tells us that He is so in love with us that He sings new songs over us everyday!
Can you handle that?!
I cannot understand it, either, but I will surely love Him back as best as I can!


O blessed be the covering,
so little may affect!
The canopy of God's own hand
to shelter and protect!
The sanctuary of the Blood
to heal and to forgive;
beneath this precious covering
I prosper and I live!

Oh the sacred covering
that nothing else can match:
superior to shingle...
superior to thatch...
that covering that comes as I
cry Jesus' holy Name:
His mercies to depend upon,
His glories to proclaim!

Yes, blessed be that covering-
assuredly, it's mine!
Belonging to the only One
so perfectly divine!
His Name, His Name is Jesus,
and the Son of God is He!
Even God Himself, yes, and
He covers even me!!

And He can cover You!!
Let Him in! Tell Him how much You need Him! And if you think you don't need Him, you are amongst the ones that need Him most!!
His Name is Jesus.
His Name is Jesus.
His Name is Jesus!
He is knocking at the door of your heart.


Solitude once more?
Solitude unknown!
Whatever the location,
Jesus' light is shown.
The barrenness of desert...
the depth of any vale...
the height of every mountaintop...
His light shall never fail!

Solitude once more-
in Him all the way!
Light so very present in
the Truth, the Life, the Way!

You cannot outrun the Light.
You cannot sin yourself out His grace.
You cannot do anything to escape His love.
Wherever you are, God is aware of it. As refreshing as solitude sometimes is, God is right there with you.
Receive Him and embrace Him!

Sunday, December 26, 2010


Taking off the cover
for Jesus--my whole Lover.
Naught to hinder view;
for He alone can do.
None other saves my soul...
none other makes me whole...
none other meets my need...
"Come, Jesus, intercede."

After our affair
heart and soul laid bare,
yet completely whole
under His control.

What can make me whole again? The same thing that completes anyone: Jesus Christ.
How complete?
That is entirely up to you!


Nothing stops here.
No one rests.
City never sleeps.
What is progress?



out the giving window,
a lavish view of life.
Looking...but not seeing?
Ecstasy to strife!
Anything you want to see
availed through the pane;
too, so much that you do not
availed through the pain.

Turning from the window...
what shall be the gain?
Life itself determines the
emotion to remain...
You can choose the outcome,
to fret or to rejoice!
Looking out the window.
Seeing life--it is a choice!

Life is a choice.
What will you choose?

Saturday, December 25, 2010

Come this day...

"Glory to God!"

May these cries be more than mere recitation of old words! May they be the heartcries of appreciation from people who realize what salvation is...OUR salvation!

Come this day a miracle!
Come, a saving grace!
Come, salvation of the soul,
just look into His face!!
Behold a little baby?
Behold, another child?
within us domiciled!
O celebrate ye heavens!
O celebrate, ye earth!
Not ever to exist another
caliber of birth!
Life alive forevermore
availed to even man!
O celebrate ye, one and all,
the Father's perfect Plan!

Lay aside every dread and see the awesome simplicity of Christmas!

Wednesday, December 22, 2010


"Holy, holy holy..."
once again the angels sing;
"Hurry! Hurry! Hurry!
Bring us all the tree can bring!"
Oh Father, please forgive me!
Oh, where has focus gone?
Can we not return to that scene
'round the manger 'yon?

Jesus, Jesus, Jesus,
we celebrate You yet
and entreat, a glimpse afresh
of Your face, we shall get!
A look above the package...
a glimpse beyond the tree...
just a glance into Your face
reveals eternity!

Glory, glory, glory!
And we behold it true
as we experience the life
of being part of You!
Life of such abundance,
life without an end...
Holy Jesus glory,

Celebrate, but remember.
Give, without stress.
Live, with joy!

Gift of Peace

Peace on earth.
Peace in you!
That is the only way that we will have peace on earth: peace in ourselves!
Is there peace in you?

Serenity abroad...
where will it come to rest?
Them that are recipients,
they are so very blessed!
Peace on earth? Goodwill to men?
How many understand?
When will they see that they must reach out
with an empty hand?

Too many limitations...
amendments...strings attached...
The peace we are so needy of
the same cannot be matched!!
It only takes submission,
the swallowing of pride,
going to the manger,
emerging with a Bride!

Peace on earth--will ever we
obtain it in our day?
YES! The same exists in Christ!
The Truth, the Life, the Way!
In a manger come, but,
in the clouds soon to return;
"Obtain His peace inside your soul,"
the 'season's' lone concern!

What greater gift than Jesus Christ?
Receive The Gift!
Receive Him with joy and expectation!
Receive the Gift that keeps on what cannot be bought!
Jesus Christ is The Gift!

Tuesday, December 21, 2010

In the Glory...

As His Season is enveloping us, we are singing of His glory. As the world is singing of the glory of His birth, we are contemplating and savoring the glory of his life!
May we be ever so careful that His glory is far more than seasonal...

In the glory of Your Presence...
oh, the wonder here!
No more more classes...
limits disappear!
Ah, but ONE to realize:
description of the same-
save to sing to Jesus,
accolades unto His Name,!

In the glory of Your Presence,
oh, the wonder here!
Seeing the invisible
so vivid and so near!
Ah, but one remains unseen:
as END of glory sight;
but such be no concern, as in
Your Presence I delight!

In the glory of Your Presence,
oh, the wonder here!
The Presence of Your Holiness-
intense and so severe!
Ah, but one remains unknown:
when is the constancy
of being in Your holiness
throughout eternity?

"Oh, so glorious!
Come quickly, Lord Jesus!"

Friday, December 17, 2010


"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
choruses resound!
Voices, without number, of
His victories, abound!
Jehovah God Almighty, oh,
this cursed cloak to don
that, everlasting life, each human
soul could rest upon!

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
Heavenly portals ring
to celebrate the coming of
the Christ, Messiah, King!
Oh hear the victory in the voice
of each celestial one
as they bow in reverence to
the One Begotten Son!

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
cry those from the east
as they behold the Baby there,
the newborn Prince of Peace!
Deliverance from bondage, greater
than men could assume
contained there in a stable bed-
there was no other room!

"Hallelujah! Hallelujah!"
does this servant cry!
I see the Babe and realize
that I've but once to die!
In panoramic view I see
that path that He shall trod,
for the grace of God!

I cannot help but sing.
I cannot help but cry out with the angels at the glory of my Lord and Savior!
Christmas is not merely a holiday! It is a life-change!!!
If the glory of Jesus does not overshadow the 'season' in your life, perhaps it is time to refocus.

The Name of Jesus

The angels cried out to the wise men that holy night. Were the wise men the only ones that heard?
NO WAY! They still resound from the heights this day...

"Jesus Christ, Emmanuel!"
Could such contain a Name?
Consider all that is the Child
Who, on this evening came:
The Son of God, but God Himself!
Oh, how to fathom such?
The hands that shaped the very world-
I know the very touch!
So gentle be the hands that make
the mountain range stand;
I know embrace from what divides
the oceans and the land!
Him Who vocalizes wind
and speaks the turbulence
stirs the chords within my heart
and breathes His Spirit thence!

Jesus Christ, Immanuel,
there is no other Name!
Oh listen to the myriads
of Heaven's host proclaim!
Listen and react by taking
His Name as your own,
thus reserving your own place
'fore His eternal throne!

What better time to take His Name than when He is forefront in the world?
What better time to be born again than when the world is focusing on HIS birth?
There is no better time than the present.
Confess your sins to Jesus. He is faithful and just to forgive us of our sins and to cleanse us from all unrighteousness.
Invite Him to dwell inside your heart.
Ask Jesus to be Lord and Savior of your life.
Christmas will have a completely different meaning and value to you for the rest of your life...AND BEYOND!

Tuesday, December 14, 2010


"King of kings You are-
Almighty and eterne;
Your Kingship and Your tenure,
they are beyond concern!
You are celebrated,
worshipped without end...
You woo the very lowest and
You even call me "friend!"

King of Life You are-and
You always raise me up!
I wait upon You, o Lord Jesus,
yet You fill my cup!
I am elevated, as
my need and my desire
You take upon Yourself and
minister to mine entire!

King of kings You are, and You
are greater than the living,
yet You willingly abase,
becoming o so giving!
I will lower myself and
declare You as my King
and vow my very life to be
a constant offering!

King of my life are You and
there be no count of reason!
And surely You are worthy more
than only of a 'season!'"

Again, Jesus Christ is not a season! He is WORTHY of a whole season, definitely more worthy than one day! But Jesus is a lifetime... And even more!!
Live Jesus--King of Life!

Wednesday, December 8, 2010

Share the Light!

Dear God,
Please make the Light of season so bright that I am blinded unto any blemish in my brother's life.
Oh, make that very same Light to shine upon that certain facet of his life that only I can minister to.
Let not the trimmings of yule be so festive that I am distracted from the One, true Reason for the season.
Let me avail myself to give those things that cannot be purchased, and make me sensitive enough to receive counsel from the Holy Spirit telling me what needs be given.
Help me make the season indeed a joy unto those close to me that are lacking such.
For I have been richly endowed with blessings of the season. Let me not be selfish in the dispensing of the same.
Of a truth, there IS such light in the heart and soul of me. Please make the very same to shine upon them that are in darkness.

In JESUS' Name,

And Jesus is the Reason!

Oh, so far beyond cliche!

How wonderful, how marvelous:
the coming of the King!
Throughout the heavens on this night,
the "Hallelujahs" ring!
Oh, glory unto God for HIM,
His Christmas Gift to all!
Oh glory, GLORY! Even now
submit unto The call!

How wonderful, the One Who comes
so humbly on this night!
The wonder of Him guarantees
my walking in the Light!
The love of God incarnate,
no greater love could be!
Oh focus sight on only this
and celebrate with me!

How wonderful--God the Father's
unconditional love!
No way could I return to Him
that sent me from above.
I only can commit myself
to live for Him each day;
by faith, knowing, oh, such blessings
all along the way!

How wonderful! How marvelous!
Oh, glory in the heights!
Come forth the Son through virgin birth
this holiest of nights!
I worship and exalt Him as
I celebrate the season,
the time of giving unto all;

Yes, "Jesus is the reason for the season!" It's not just a bumper sticker, IT'S TRUTH!
Celebrate HIM. He is worthy!

I must help him!

I see there, in my brother's eyes,
a mirror that makes me realize
that that which is upon him now
can be relieved if I allow.
I must be open to his need:
From me, a word...a gift...a deed
to minister unto his state.
I CAN DO IT! I must relate!
For any need on him to press
is met if I would just confess
my availability
unto the Holy Trinity!
For with the Spirit as my guide,
I can gird him, side-by-side,
and surely we'll arrive abreast
at Jesus--panacean rest!

I must help him!
I CAN help him.

That Tree

But a while longer yet
will the journey be.
Then to finally arrive
at the tree, That Tree.
Its branches are abundant with
the nourishment we need;
it is that Tree of Life whose roots
be Abram's blessed Seed!
The river there before it on which
constantly to feed,
it is the living water, yea,
whose flow shall not recede!
And just beyond the river,
gates and streets that are aglow!
Every joy and happiness
awaits for us to know!

But awhile longer....oh
let patience be my stay!
And let me be a witness
everywhere along the way!
May all the blessed attributes
of yonder Evergreen,
in every facet of my life,
be very clearly seen!

The Tree of Life. Oh to partake of its fruit!
What blest promises we have as we cling to Jesus Christ!
Promises, assurances and present provisions available nowhere else!

All for What?

All for celebration!
All for His glory.
All for you and I.

Thankful for the time of year
we hallow for His birth;
reminding us of Father's
dedication to our worth.
"Jesus Christ is come!" Behold
the start of life for all!
Hear the trumpets pealing!
Hear the Angels as they call!
And hear the Truth that is alive
for us unto this day:
Jesus Christ--the Truth, the Life,
the One Begotten Way!
Come to Him as you are, He will
accept you in His love!
He will escort You in each step
for you to rise above.

Oh, the Truth that is alive
and ready unto all!
The greatest Gift of anytime,
oh brother, do not stall!
Run to Him, reach out for Him,
embrace the Christ of God!!
Hear the songs of earth and hear
all Heaven to applaud!

"Jesus Christ is come." For what?
What a blessed time to turn to Him and truly find out why He came.
All for you and I.

To Truly Give...

Oh so many ways to give...each of them anointed and appreciated. But the greatest thing I can do is go outside of my 'comfort zone?'

Oh let me set myself aside
if only for a season,
and set my sight on only Him
for which HE is THE reason:
to give more than I can afford...
to speak what I cannot...
to embrace what I cannot reach
to savor what I've got!
Shun rhetoric so seasonal...
stop talking and employ!
Don't tarry over what needs be done,

just do it and enjoy!
In giving of the self, oh there
be so much to receive!
Do not delay a-pondering,
go boldly and receive!

If only for a season? NAY!
But everyday, indeed!
So very clear unto my vision
be my brother's need.
If only to present my hand,
a smile or an embrace--
for it could be the greatest gift,
my brother's life to grace!

Christmas Exhortation

With joy to scale the uttermost
O let the season ring
in celebration of the birth
of Christ Messiah, King!
Oh harmonize with them that fly
about the creche this day:
to bring redemption unto man
God has made a way!
The season of rejoicing,
benevolence and love-
oh glory in the highest unto
Father God of love!
Emotions ever heightened,
faces all aglow:
Jesus Christ the Lord is come,
eternal life to know!

Jesus Christ is come! CELEBRATE!
And know that this is far more than season, song or gift. HE IS LIFE!
Live Him, won't you?

Sunday, December 5, 2010

Side Road...

Exiting the highway...find me somewhere on a side road to enjoy everything I can before time finds me out:
over there, where I saw a billboard, there is a barn...
over there, where the highway guardrail was, there is a split-wood fence...
I was passing cars moments ago, now cattle are passing by me...
and that concrete span across the river is not-for now I must find my own way if I desire passage...
but no-I will sit down on that stump over there and enjoy the "noise pollution:" the sparrows, the crows, the robins, the cardinals...
and I will observe the traffic: the deer, the many squirrels in the branches--acrobats in their own right--and the company of anything else that does not mind my invading its space.
All of this beneath that sun that plays hide-and-seek with the happy clouds...
all of this in the watchful sight of Him Who makes everything perfect...even a winter moment off of the beaten path.

Saturday, December 4, 2010

Only Noise?

Hear the joy!
The noise of the season is wonderful if you allow it to be!

Hear the songs of celebration.
Hear the hearts in jubilation!
Hear the accolades unto the King!
Who will enter in and shout and sing?
He is worthy of each living voice!
All ye folks rejoice! Again, rejoice!
For God has sent to us His very Son
to do for man what never has been done.
Ignore Him not as "just another man..."
For Jesus has the sole redemption plan!

Rejoice, rejoice and, once again, rejoice!
Call out to Jesus and make Him your choice.
Angels and eternity declare
there is no greater life, not anywhere!

Hear the joy!
Just an 'emotional' reaction?
But to them that know Him, that 'noise' cannot be silenced!

He is come!

Crying out to the "Reason for the Season."
(Unfortunately, that 'term' has almost become cliche.)
For He enables me to rise above the craziness that, too often, Christmas season turns into.
Crying out to Him. He takes me into where He is.
It does not take 'crying out' to get here, it only takes willingness.
All are welcome.
Where will you spend most of your time of Christmas?
God invites You to spend it with His Son, Jesus!
I invite you, as well.
Slow down. Call out His Name, the Name of Jesus.
Call out His Name.
Sing out His Name!
Cry out His Name.
He is listening.