Friday, November 12, 2010

To Free the Words!

Oh, for that within to surface
that I may record
the glory proven unto me
from my Risen Lord!
Only He can number the
attempts at such a feat
o'er the span of ages from
the revelations sweet!

Will ever cease that yearning to
put Jesus into word?
Just when I think I'm getting close,
much greater be occurred!
Happenings attributed
to Jesus Christ alone--
but to put more distance tween
my pencil and His throne!

"But Father, I will never cease
attempting to recount
Your great and mighty wonders, oh,
no matter the amount!
Each of them be special-so
indigenous to You!
And I am blessed and favored as
You share with me each clue!

O, for that within to surface,
surely to portray!
Anything that I can see
let dialect display!
I be a vessel, ever-yielded
to a calling such;
for to ever be aware
of His exclusive touch!

So very blessed am I with this blessing...blessed to have a compulsion to write what I am hear what is not being describe that sight which is invisible.
Blessed to receive messages from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Blessed? I have heard some call it a curse. Call it what you will, it yet be my calling, and I will do it as long as I am able!
I hope others will be blessed by the words, as we are liberated one day at a time!

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