Saturday, November 20, 2010


Late day in November,
senses to restore;
look around and see so much
to be thankful for.
To count the many blessings
and name them one-by-one
would take life from the rising to
the setting of the sun!
The limbs and branches barren,
(save those upon the wing,)
no whisper through them either,
oh but hear the fliers sing!
Oh, and see the many squirrels
frolicking about...
the Father's entertaining sense
life never is without!
And though for such I'm grateful,
all focus shall remain
on Him Who is and on His Son
Who bore the Crimson Stain!

The Father IS Thanksgiving
when all is said and done.
Every perfect gift is from
the Trinity-in-One!
And thanksgiving truly
for that come from above:
peace and joy unspeakable,
and everlasting love!

Be thankful.
However bad your life appears, there must be something to be thankful for.
He waits to hear of it from you.

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