Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Stellar Senses

Ever feel like a 'nobody?'
No one cares...no one listens...
Someone cares! And Someone IS listening: The most important One! The only One that really matters!
He cares and He waits for you to contact Him!
His Name is Jesus!

"You hear me when I am not heard,
responding with a proper word
for to encourage in "the way;"
You know exactly what to say!

When invisible I be,
Your vision yet to rest on me.
Mine every moment overseen-
blessed grace to intervene!

You touch me when I cannot feel.
Your loving hand--so very real!
All Your senses far surpass
any pitfalls that amass!

I love You, and I know Your love!
My Father, You have plenty of
that sweet affection, absolute!
Your every way may none dispute!

In JESUS' Name,

Call out to Him! There is no 'chain of command.' You don't need His permission. (Or anyone's!)
Go for it!

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