Tuesday, November 9, 2010


Shaded be the sunshine
on a thankful day!
Through the gloom above to gather
be a single ray!
Oh so very mindful of
the calm before the fray,
and that for sure awaiting when
the tempest goes away!
Nothing, though, to interfere
with the heart's desire:
submission, in a precious moment,
unto God entire!
No better way, time to spend,
moments to invest,
each, a new discovery,
the Father's love expressed!

Shaded be the afternoon,
oh but light be shown
in the Presence of the Father
and His favors known!
Do not hurry time at all
as we here commune,
from all stresses, in His Presence,
life--it is immune!

Sloooow down...
Enjoy the Presence of Creator God before you go any further.
Though clouds may gather, (or flee!) His Presence is there, (or here!) to enable you to get through the day.
Go with Him!

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