Monday, November 22, 2010

"Seasonal" Realities?

Put a quarter in the pot
as you proudly stroll,
hold your head high as you strut
to appease your soul...
besides, you never know if he
has told the truth in whole;
You have a Christmas list that is
of weightier import;
your list does not include
association with "their sort;"
besides, "whatever they have," you are
not willing to import!

Cross the street before you reach
that corner where "they" are.
Decide to take "the scenic route"
as you go to your car.
To avoid the issue, no length
ever be too far.
You gave in the offering...
at the the mall...
besides, the ones that 'ring the bell'
take care of such a call...
you don't have the resources
to take care of them all!

"I do not want a handout, I just
want a welcome word...
"Shake my hand. You will not get
infected. That's absurd!"
"Conversation be the greatest
carol I have heard."
"I got here from necessity.
I am not here by choice.
The greatest gift that I could get
is 'Christmas' in your voice.
And compassion in your face
would cause me to rejoice!"

"Suffering and poverty
don't stop to celebrate.
Your disgust of me does not
'chip in' to my estate.
Masking it through 'holiday'
does little to my fate.
Is it only 'seasonal'
your assets to compel?
Give your heart to only them
that ring that little bell?"
Brother, keep your false emotions
and go straight to Hell!"

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