Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Oh, the pain of Christmas,
I hear it in a voice...
Why is it so hard for some
to celebrate or rejoice?
Has this quill been sheltered, has
HIS time of year been foiled?
Has reality gone by,
'maturity' been foiled?

But the pain of Christmas
is coming more and more.
It's calling on the television...
it's coming to the door...
it's showing on the Internet...
it's right before the eyes...
the pain of Christmas- it is more
than one can realize!

But the pain of Christmas,
it cannot overtake
the Wonder of the season and
the difference He can make!
I only have to focus on
the Giver and the Gift
so that the "pain of Christmas" I be
capable to lift!

Does this mean that I ignore that pain? No way!
I must all the more embrace those going through that pain so that they may grasp the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ!
The pain of Christmas is real, and it is closer to you than you may think. It is not hard to find someone going through it.
This writer encourages you to find someone going through it and share the Joy of the Truth with them! Smile at them. Embrace them. Go through it with them.
Go through...do not let them stay there!

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