Tuesday, November 9, 2010

The moments' flight...

look behind the door...

A thousand moments flee as I
observe you in repose.
The content of mine every thought,
each lover surely knows!
Your each and every subtlety
to captivate mine eye,
and nothing to be louder than
the silence of your sigh.

Lashes flutter--am I present
in your slumber view?
Reveal it to me! I'll attempt
to make it all come true!
I want to be your everything
save that from high above!
I want to give you everything,
starting with my love!

However, now to give you time
to sleep until you wake.
You give so much, you earn whatever
rest you have to take.
To be yourself continue--
you're everything to me!
Captivate me once more as
a thousand moments flee!

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