Tuesday, November 9, 2010

From Cecil Crest...

Good morning!
Close your eyes, look...listen...

The rooster surely audible,
the river barely visible,
but what a view afforded unto me!
From vantage point on Cecil Crest,
all of living may attest
unto the Father's handiworks that be!
To Him would adoration rise
from all that live beneath the skies-
worship so exclusive unto each.
That genuine of heart and soul,
the very person on the whole
He deserves--no less would He beseech!
So, with the crowing growing faint,
and the fog to barely taint
I enjoy the view with One so real!
Everyday is He anew!
He blesses with another view:
unto the writer surely to appeal!

Look. Behold the hand of God as you start your day.
He is everywhere!

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