Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Fishing Trip?

So many times, we set out to do something, and God turns it into something completely different, with or without permission. And usually without our knowledge...until reflection:

Cloudy be the river where
so brief it is to pause;
naught to shroud the living, though,
nor its blest applause!
How large to be that one upon which
I can barely look?
The same temptation, it be stellar
to the line and hook!

Such pursuit be in a moment,
first would I behold
the wonderful surroundings even
'yond the river told!
The Norfork River, Ozark Range,
wetlands and the sky,
and so much I cannot record,
my sight to occupy!

Everything that I behold,
everything about,
to God the Father and Creator
would, in reverence, shout!
Such to be the echo of
my body, soul and spirit!
And blessed be my father's
affirmation He can hear it!!

Yes, He hears anything and everything I say. He hears all the praise and glory and adoration that His creation causes so deep in this man!
He is worthy of that praise, even if I only set out to go fishing!
Does His creation do this to you?
Look around.
Only a 'fishing trip?'
Feel it!

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