Tuesday, November 9, 2010


It is then up to everyone to use that gift(s).
Do not waste the gifts and talents that He has entrusted to you!

My father God, at Your command
the words, the words, they flow!
Can even I, the scribe, discern
the message to bestow?
O but to avail myself
at any time at all!
My Father God, I am so grateful
for this holy call!

"Wait upon the Lord..." It be
commanded in His Word.
Is it the same, though, as I wait
for poetry occurred?
If so, this holy prophecy
be newer everyday,
and He is ever-faithful as
I yield the quill alway!

"My Father God, so faithful
unto me to yet reveal
another truth about Yourself
to see, to hear, to feel!
Never is "the same old thing..."
with You alive in me;
never be "the same old words..."
out of the scribe to be!

Make this your prayer as you seek AND USE the abilities and talents you surely have!

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