Friday, November 12, 2010

Amidst His Creation...

Have you ever been here?
Close your eyes again.
(Wait! Then you won't be able to read this!)
Better, watch the words in your mind and see if you recognize this place...

Nothing now to hinder light,
December afternoon...
neither for to hinder living
freely over-strewn...
everywhere the eye beholds
a vision never seen,
majesty and wonder, to
this place, indigene!

And not a thing shall interfere
with me to enjoy
the Presence of my Father-
all of living to deploy!
He, the mighty Maker, yes,
of everything alive!
He, the blest Enabler
of everything to thrive!
And He, the Master Architect
of what I fathom not:
the range that I see from the ridge,
the foothills it has got...
carpeted so verdantly:
the vista and the vale...
even lakes and rivers-life
abundant to avail!

O bless this point of wonder and
the Maker of this place
where is only evidence
of His abundant grace!
Distract me not unless it be
to show to me more of
the handiwork of Him Whose very
Name resounds of love!!

Come to this place often.
There is much reward in escaping!

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