Tuesday, November 23, 2010


Oh, the pain of Christmas,
I hear it in a voice...
Why is it so hard for some
to celebrate or rejoice?
Has this quill been sheltered, has
HIS time of year been foiled?
Has reality gone by,
'maturity' been foiled?

But the pain of Christmas
is coming more and more.
It's calling on the television...
it's coming to the door...
it's showing on the Internet...
it's right before the eyes...
the pain of Christmas- it is more
than one can realize!

But the pain of Christmas,
it cannot overtake
the Wonder of the season and
the difference He can make!
I only have to focus on
the Giver and the Gift
so that the "pain of Christmas" I be
capable to lift!

Does this mean that I ignore that pain? No way!
I must all the more embrace those going through that pain so that they may grasp the true meaning of Christmas: Jesus Christ!
The pain of Christmas is real, and it is closer to you than you may think. It is not hard to find someone going through it.
This writer encourages you to find someone going through it and share the Joy of the Truth with them! Smile at them. Embrace them. Go through it with them.
Go through...do not let them stay there!

Monday, November 22, 2010

"Seasonal" Realities?

Put a quarter in the pot
as you proudly stroll,
hold your head high as you strut
to appease your soul...
besides, you never know if he
has told the truth in whole;
You have a Christmas list that is
of weightier import;
your list does not include
association with "their sort;"
besides, "whatever they have," you are
not willing to import!

Cross the street before you reach
that corner where "they" are.
Decide to take "the scenic route"
as you go to your car.
To avoid the issue, no length
ever be too far.
You gave in the offering...
at the office...in the mall...
besides, the ones that 'ring the bell'
take care of such a call...
you don't have the resources
to take care of them all!

"I do not want a handout, I just
want a welcome word...
"Shake my hand. You will not get
infected. That's absurd!"
"Conversation be the greatest
carol I have heard."
"I got here from necessity.
I am not here by choice.
The greatest gift that I could get
is 'Christmas' in your voice.
And compassion in your face
would cause me to rejoice!"

"Suffering and poverty
don't stop to celebrate.
Your disgust of me does not
'chip in' to my estate.
Masking it through 'holiday'
does little to my fate.
Is it only 'seasonal'
your assets to compel?
Give your heart to only them
that ring that little bell?"
Brother, keep your false emotions
and go straight to Hell!"

Saturday, November 20, 2010


Late day in November,
senses to restore;
look around and see so much
to be thankful for.
To count the many blessings
and name them one-by-one
would take life from the rising to
the setting of the sun!
The limbs and branches barren,
(save those upon the wing,)
no whisper through them either,
oh but hear the fliers sing!
Oh, and see the many squirrels
frolicking about...
the Father's entertaining sense
life never is without!
And though for such I'm grateful,
all focus shall remain
on Him Who is and on His Son
Who bore the Crimson Stain!

The Father IS Thanksgiving
when all is said and done.
Every perfect gift is from
the Trinity-in-One!
And thanksgiving truly
for that come from above:
peace and joy unspeakable,
and everlasting love!

Be thankful.
However bad your life appears, there must be something to be thankful for.
He waits to hear of it from you.

Tuesday, November 16, 2010

He IS Thanksgiving!

"Oh God, You Are Thanksgiving,
and more than everyday!
We dedicate our giving thanks
to You in every way!
We pray that living gratitude
would well up in each heart,
even to the One upon
the throne would such impart!

Oh God, You are Thanksgiving
and worthy of our praise!
O let the content of each being
glory You always!
Glory for the Son of God,
glory for the Cross,
glory for all that this world
would look upon as 'loss!'

And thankful we will be
that You looked down through the ages
unto such as we
and told Them "But I love them!"
and sent Your very Son
that life again would be our prize,
and Heaven may be won!

Oh God, You are Thanksgiving
and this is only verse
from a man so fortunate
as to avoid the curse
by calling out the Name of Christ,
Thanks to the One Who is Thanksgiving,

Praise the Lord, "Thanksgiving" is more than just a day. Thanksgiving has a Name: JESUS!
And Thanksgiving is alive and available for ALL!
WHO or what will you celebrate? Just a holiday?
You don't have to wait for some day on a calendar. Give thanks even as you read this message!


In Psalm 107, verse 8, the Psalmist adjures "O that men would give thanks to the Lord for His goodness, and for His wonderful works to the children of men!"
On 11/16, the poet writes

For what shall I be thankful?
For what shall I be not?!
For God, He is responsible,
for all that I have got!
All that I can pray for,
all that I receive,
I give the glory unto Him
in Whom I do believe!

For God, He is Provider
of everything I own.
And what is not yet ours He,
by faith, has clearly shown:
healing to my body,
peace unto my soul,
joy unto my spirit-
in Him, completely whole!

So what then is 'Thanksgiving?'
It is a way of life
unto this humble writer,
unto his precious wife,
and unto all who cling to Him,
His wisdom and His ways-
Thanksgiving-it is here and now,
and all throughout my days!

For what are you thankful?
Is it only enough to mention at a meal?
Does it only fill one day?
But live Thanksgiving every day that you are alive!!

Friday, November 12, 2010

Amidst His Creation...

Have you ever been here?
Close your eyes again.
(Wait! Then you won't be able to read this!)
Better, watch the words in your mind and see if you recognize this place...

Nothing now to hinder light,
December afternoon...
neither for to hinder living
freely over-strewn...
everywhere the eye beholds
a vision never seen,
majesty and wonder, to
this place, indigene!

And not a thing shall interfere
with me to enjoy
the Presence of my Father-
all of living to deploy!
He, the mighty Maker, yes,
of everything alive!
He, the blest Enabler
of everything to thrive!
And He, the Master Architect
of what I fathom not:
the range that I see from the ridge,
the foothills it has got...
carpeted so verdantly:
the vista and the vale...
even lakes and rivers-life
abundant to avail!

O bless this point of wonder and
the Maker of this place
where is only evidence
of His abundant grace!
Distract me not unless it be
to show to me more of
the handiwork of Him Whose very
Name resounds of love!!

Come to this place often.
There is much reward in escaping!

To Free the Words!

Oh, for that within to surface
that I may record
the glory proven unto me
from my Risen Lord!
Only He can number the
attempts at such a feat
o'er the span of ages from
the revelations sweet!

Will ever cease that yearning to
put Jesus into word?
Just when I think I'm getting close,
much greater be occurred!
Happenings attributed
to Jesus Christ alone--
but to put more distance tween
my pencil and His throne!

"But Father, I will never cease
attempting to recount
Your great and mighty wonders, oh,
no matter the amount!
Each of them be special-so
indigenous to You!
And I am blessed and favored as
You share with me each clue!

O, for that within to surface,
surely to portray!
Anything that I can see
let dialect display!
I be a vessel, ever-yielded
to a calling such;
for to ever be aware
of His exclusive touch!

So very blessed am I with this blessing...blessed to have a compulsion to write what I am feeling...to hear what is not being said...to describe that sight which is invisible.
Blessed to receive messages from the Father, Son and Holy Spirit!
Blessed? I have heard some call it a curse. Call it what you will, it yet be my calling, and I will do it as long as I am able!
I hope others will be blessed by the words, as we are liberated one day at a time!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

"Morning, REJOICE!"

Morning spectrum, all its own,
possesses now the sky alone.
Not even breath to interfere
with the crown of day, austere!
And also to possess the awe.
From God's reserve to freely draw,
be evidence upon the land
assuring He is in command!

"O morning spectrum, fascinate
as I revere Him-Potentate!
Your solitaire Creator, He
be source, too, of your artistry!
Unite with me as I extol
the One Who has you in control;
He, your life to authorize!
Exalt Him far beyond the skies!!"

Good morning. GOOD morning!
Life is good, just open your eyes...and rejoice!


It is then up to everyone to use that gift(s).
Do not waste the gifts and talents that He has entrusted to you!

My father God, at Your command
the words, the words, they flow!
Can even I, the scribe, discern
the message to bestow?
O but to avail myself
at any time at all!
My Father God, I am so grateful
for this holy call!

"Wait upon the Lord..." It be
commanded in His Word.
Is it the same, though, as I wait
for poetry occurred?
If so, this holy prophecy
be newer everyday,
and He is ever-faithful as
I yield the quill alway!

"My Father God, so faithful
unto me to yet reveal
another truth about Yourself
to see, to hear, to feel!
Never is "the same old thing..."
with You alive in me;
never be "the same old words..."
out of the scribe to be!

Make this your prayer as you seek AND USE the abilities and talents you surely have!

Fishing Trip?

So many times, we set out to do something, and God turns it into something completely different, with or without permission. And usually without our knowledge...until reflection:

Cloudy be the river where
so brief it is to pause;
naught to shroud the living, though,
nor its blest applause!
How large to be that one upon which
I can barely look?
The same temptation, it be stellar
to the line and hook!

Such pursuit be in a moment,
first would I behold
the wonderful surroundings even
'yond the river told!
The Norfork River, Ozark Range,
wetlands and the sky,
and so much I cannot record,
my sight to occupy!

Everything that I behold,
everything about,
to God the Father and Creator
would, in reverence, shout!
Such to be the echo of
my body, soul and spirit!
And blessed be my father's
affirmation He can hear it!!

Yes, He hears anything and everything I say. He hears all the praise and glory and adoration that His creation causes so deep in this man!
He is worthy of that praise, even if I only set out to go fishing!
Does His creation do this to you?
Look around.
Only a 'fishing trip?'
Feel it!

Stellar Senses

Ever feel like a 'nobody?'
No one cares...no one listens...
Someone cares! And Someone IS listening: The most important One! The only One that really matters!
He cares and He waits for you to contact Him!
His Name is Jesus!

"You hear me when I am not heard,
responding with a proper word
for to encourage in "the way;"
You know exactly what to say!

When invisible I be,
Your vision yet to rest on me.
Mine every moment overseen-
blessed grace to intervene!

You touch me when I cannot feel.
Your loving hand--so very real!
All Your senses far surpass
any pitfalls that amass!

I love You, and I know Your love!
My Father, You have plenty of
that sweet affection, absolute!
Your every way may none dispute!

In JESUS' Name,

Call out to Him! There is no 'chain of command.' You don't need His permission. (Or anyone's!)
Go for it!

Privileged Again

Golden beak...ivory crown...
span of several feet aloft...
feathers of a royal down-
tan and brown and soft...
countenance discerning,
vision without peer;
the privilege to witness him
is something to revere!

Eagle on the glide-
not a thing to hide!
On the slightest gust
does he place his trust.
Territory vast...
boldness unsurpassed...
inspiration heed-
volumes to proceed!

Can you see it? No more words needed.


Shaded be the sunshine
on a thankful day!
Through the gloom above to gather
be a single ray!
Oh so very mindful of
the calm before the fray,
and that for sure awaiting when
the tempest goes away!
Nothing, though, to interfere
with the heart's desire:
submission, in a precious moment,
unto God entire!
No better way, time to spend,
moments to invest,
each, a new discovery,
the Father's love expressed!

Shaded be the afternoon,
oh but light be shown
in the Presence of the Father
and His favors known!
Do not hurry time at all
as we here commune,
from all stresses, in His Presence,
life--it is immune!

Sloooow down...
Enjoy the Presence of Creator God before you go any further.
Though clouds may gather, (or flee!) His Presence is there, (or here!) to enable you to get through the day.
Go with Him!

The moments' flight...

look behind the door...

A thousand moments flee as I
observe you in repose.
The content of mine every thought,
each lover surely knows!
Your each and every subtlety
to captivate mine eye,
and nothing to be louder than
the silence of your sigh.

Lashes flutter--am I present
in your slumber view?
Reveal it to me! I'll attempt
to make it all come true!
I want to be your everything
save that from high above!
I want to give you everything,
starting with my love!

However, now to give you time
to sleep until you wake.
You give so much, you earn whatever
rest you have to take.
To be yourself continue--
you're everything to me!
Captivate me once more as
a thousand moments flee!

From Cecil Crest...

Good morning!
Close your eyes, look...listen...

The rooster surely audible,
the river barely visible,
but what a view afforded unto me!
From vantage point on Cecil Crest,
all of living may attest
unto the Father's handiworks that be!
To Him would adoration rise
from all that live beneath the skies-
worship so exclusive unto each.
That genuine of heart and soul,
the very person on the whole
He deserves--no less would He beseech!
So, with the crowing growing faint,
and the fog to barely taint
I enjoy the view with One so real!
Everyday is He anew!
He blesses with another view:
unto the writer surely to appeal!

Look. Behold the hand of God as you start your day.
He is everywhere!

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Where are we?

Another place...
another appointment...
another doctor...
another test...
still no answer.

So many uncertainties, ONE assurance:
wherever the place,
whomever the doctor,
whatever the test,
God knows exactly, God is certain, God saw it all even before it was!

Another test...but not alone in a place so foreign to me, but so very familiar to the most important Being in my life and all of living!
He has the answers.
He knows exactly what is going on.
He is the Who, what, where, when and why that I must cling to...THE ONLY ONE!

Here we are again?
Here we are still...exactly where He wants us to be.